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Success Stories

We know Scrum teams around the world are making a difference and, in support of our mission to transform the world of work. Here are a few of our member's Success Stories!

Success Story: How to Estimate Quickly and Efficiently?

For release planning of a new, multi-phased project, our team was looking for opportunities to further tune our Lean and Agile estimation processes. We always looked forward to continuously improving our existing Agile practices. One improvement we identified was a quicker turnaround time for completing the estimation exercise during release planning. . . .

Success Story: ERP Implementation for Expansion to China

Here's how Media Markt China created a novel ERP (enterprise resource planning) suite within 12 months, thanks to a collaborative, distributed team leveraging Scrum. . . .

Success Story: Information Radiators

Recently I was asked to drive a new software development project with a project team that has been working together for more than a year. Management direction to me? "We want you to use Agile!"

Success Story: Sometimes It Just May Take a Waterfall to Become Agile

How does an organization implement something that it has never done, for a client who has never done it prior, using team members who have never done it, for end users who have never used it before?

Success Story: Agility and Health Care

Just a few short years ago I began singing the praises of Agile to just about anyone who would give me the time of day. . . .

Success Story: Transition from Agile-cum-Waterfall to Scrum

I was not a Certified ScrumMaster when this story began. I had about 13 years of experience in software services. . . .

Success Story: Winning with Joint Story Sessions

This is our journey of how we achieved a state of zero functional defects (mostly) by implementing joint story sessions in a multicultural, geographically distributed, multi-vendor environment. . . .

Success Story: Las historias de usuario no son el requisito ágil

Casi siempre que explico a algún equipo de trabajo sobre cómo vamos a trabajar con Scrum, toco el tema de las historias de usuario (user story), aparece por parte de las personas a la que estoy explicando la siguiente pregunta que constantemente se repite . . .

Success Story: Implementing "Scrum Lite"

Very early into our first project, we found that the traditional Scrum approach was too time-consuming for the business team, blurred the boundaries of responsibility among team members and the product owner, and included performance indicators not suited for a diverse business project team. . . .

Success Story: PRINCE2 + Scrum Delivers ONTRAK on Time

In this article, I present how I used Scrum effectively in a project that was managed using the PRINCE2 project management method. . . .

Should the Product Owner Be Part of the Daily Stand-up?

Many clients ask me if they should bring a product owner to their daily stand-ups. My answer is no . . . and yes.

Practicing Scaled Agile

The scaled Scrum model described in this article has become the benchmark for Agile practices in my organization.

The Cheetah Wave: Agility Trumps Speed

At InterGlobe Technologies (IGT), we've come a long way since embarking on our journey of Agile implementation -- and we've learned the following critical lessons during our transition.


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