Implementing Radical Management in Large Organizations

Learning Consortium Webinar Series


The third in our series of webinars from the Learning Consortium, this presentation explores the theory of Radical Management, while highlighting the challenges and rewards of implementing new practices in large organizations.
Discussion topics include:
  • Overview of Radical Management
  • Problems that Radical Management is trying to solve
  • Five main shifts of Radical Management
  • Experiences of transforming an organization's strategy from a focus on shareholder value to something more sustainable
  • Experiences to date in applying Radical Management in big corporations
  • Key steps to implementation, such as engaging with top management, getting early buy-in, and training and coaching
Presenters include:
  • Peter Stevens, Principal, Saat Network GmbH
  • Simon Roberts, Management Consultant, Agile and Lean Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer
  • Steve Denning, Scrum Alliance® Board of Directors
  • Jay Goldstein, adjunct lecturer in entrepreneurship at McCormick School of Engineering, Northwestern University
  • Michael Pacanowsky, Gore-Giovale Chair in Business Management, Bill and Vieve Gore School of Business at Westminster College
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