New Research: What You Need To Know About Disruption

With John Hagel, Deloitte Center for the Edge

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Date: April 12, 2016

Some theorists talk about universal theories of disruption. Others tell one-off stories about the disruption of individual firms. What is more helpful, said global thought leader John Hagel, is understanding the patterns of disruption that will hit more than one market, but not all markets. This can help you understand two important things: What are the characteristics of a market that would make it vulnerable to a particular type of disruption? And how do you defend against it?

Drawing on new research from Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, Hagel explained that executives tend to be overwhelmed when they think about disruption. They are worried that disruption could come from anywhere and it could be anything. As a result, they don’t know what to do. Hagel said, “Without excluding other possibilities, here are two or three possible patterns of disruption that your market is particularly vulnerable to. So you can figure out how to deal with that, rather than simply waiting for whatever happens.”

John_Hagel.jpegJohn Hagel is cochairman of the Deloitte Center for the Edge, which he cofounded in 2007 with John Seely Brown. He coauthored the pathbreaking book The Power of Pull (2010) and has written six other books. Hagel has lived in Silicon Valley for 35 years and, in addition to founding two technology start-ups, has spent most of his career as a consultant who specializes in the intersection of business strategy and information technology. He is also involved with a number of other organizations, including the World Economic Forum, Singularity University, the Santa Fe Institute, and the Aspen Institute.