Application process for becoming a Scrum@Scale® Trainer (SaST)

Receive your certification to teach Certified Scrum@Scale Courses

Scrum@Scale Trainers (SaST) are a distinguished group of professionals who are authorized to deliver training on the Scrum@Scale Framework. As a Scrum@Scale Trainer, you will be immersed in the most current research and data from successful scaling transformations. The curriculum is driven by Dr. Jeff Sutherland's vision and deep experience transforming organizations across industries, departments, and disciplines. The Scrum@Scale Framework continues to expand through practice and shared learning from the SaST Community.

Requirements for the Scrum@Scale Trainer certification

The Scrum@Scale Trainer (SaST) certification requires a mastery of Scrum, exceptional teaching skills, and proven success in scaling Scrum in real-world situations. It also requires that you showcase your experience in scaling Scrum with the community by sharing a Scrum@Scale case study.

To become a SaST, you must:


Case study requirements: To become a Scrum@Scale Trainer you must prepare and present a case study from your own experience. Your instructors and peers will provide you with feedback to refine your work and make it ready to be taught in a Scrum@Scale course. Your case study will become a part of an open-source, public library of Scrum@Scale resources. As such you must have the appropriate rights to release your case study publicly to the Scrum community under the CC4-BY-SA License.

Scaling experience: All Scrum@Scale Trainers must have demonstrable experience both in teaching and scaling Scrum in real-world settings. There are no set requirements for how you should demonstrate your experience, instead, we encourage you to view your application as an invitation to a conversation.

Submitting an application: The first step to applying to become a Scrum@Scale Trainer is to fill out the form on the Scrum@Scale website where you can also download the detailed terms and conditions of the Trainer program including all requirements and fees.

CST Path: There will be a special one-time, exclusive Scrum@Scale Train the Trainer course on July 16th at the Scrum Alliance headquarters for applicants who are already CSTs. If you are interested in registering for this class please contact

Questions: If you have any questions regarding the Scrum@Scale Trainer program or application process please contact