Launch Your Agile Career: Beyond the Classroom

22 April 2021 | 10:00am - 2:00pm mt | virtual | $25

*Registration closed on 21 APRIL 2021 12 AM MST

Event Agenda


10:00 am MT Introduction
10:15 am MT | Sessions
  • 3 Steps to Launch Your Agile Career - Fadi Stephan

  • Job Hunting for Diversity and Inclusion - Monica Moody

11:00 am MT | Networking

11:50 am MT | Short Break

12:00 pm MT | Sessions
  • Drive Your Career through LinkedIn - Igor Bobryk

  • Using Agile to Build Your Career & Stay Relevant in an Ever-Changing Job Market - Natal Dank

12:45 pm MT | Lightning Talks
  • How to Land Your First Job as a Scrum Master - Stacey Ackerman

  • Path from PM to Scrum Master - Manjit Singh

01:00 pm MT | Lightning Talks
  • 100+ Agile Coaches interviewed: Here’s what you can learn! - Jem Jelly

  • Humans are hard, Code is easy - Tom Henricksen

  • Interview to Offer Secret: Doctor Frame Technique - Nada Buhendi

01:15 pm MT | Closing & Learnings
01:35 pm MT | Members-only Session
  • “What’s It Like to Work Here?" How to Make Your Interview a Two-way Street - Esther Derby

Who should attend?

This event is for anyone interested in launching or growing their agile career: product owners, Scrum Masters, developers, aspiring agile coaches, and everyone in between.

Whether you are just starting out in your journey or you are a seasoned professional in the agile industry, this jam-packed half-day event will help you take your career to the next level!

Why attend this event?

This event will provide you with the knowledge you need to successfully design your agile career and meet your professional goals.

You'll have the opportunity to attend engaging sessions about maximizing career opportunities, developing skills that align with your values, staying relevant in an ever-changing job market, and so much more!

Plus for Scrum Alliance certificant members, this event worth 4 SEUs to  keep your certification active!

What will happen during the event?

Our interactive sessions and lightening talks offer the opportunity to learn from today’s agile thought leaders and HR experts as they discuss hot topics centered around staying relevant in the job market, job hunting for diversity and inclusion and driving your career through social media platforms.

Connection is an important aspect of career development. Your network can offer you new insights into different fields, what potential employers look for, and tips on how to improve professionally. Take advantage of the exclusive networking session to meet and connect with fellow agilists across the country.

Where can I go for more career REsources?

Before and after the event, you can get even more career-related help from our resource library. You’ll find articles on how to get experience as a new ScrumMaster or product owner before you’ve gotten your first job, 6 ways to prepare for your next interview, and ways others have grown their agile coach careers.

View agile career resources →

Event Speakers


Esther Derby

Members-Only* Session: “What’s It Like to Work Here?" How to Make Your Interview a Two-way Street

Esther draws on four decades of experience leading, observing, and living organizational change. She works with a broad array of organizations. Her clients include both startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Esther has been called one of the most influential voices within the agile communities when it comes to developing organizations, coaching teams, and transforming management. Her work over many years has influenced coaches and leaders across many companies. She’s spent the last twenty-five years helping companies shape their environment for optimum success.

*If you are not currently an active member and would like to renew, follow this process to renew ( and you'll gain access to this session.

Stacey Ackerman

Lightning Talk: How to Land Your First Job as a Scrum Master

Stacey knows what it’s like to be a marketer, after all she’s one of the few agile coaches and trainers that got her start there. After graduating from Journalism school, she worked as a content writer, strategist, director and adjunct marketing professor. She became passionate about agile as a better way to work in 2012 when she experimented with it for an ad agency client. Since then she has been a Scrum Master, agile coach and has helped with numerous agile transformations with teams across the globe. Stacey speaks at several agile conferences, has more certs to her name than she can remember and loves to practice agile at home with her family.

Igor Bobryk

Session: Drive Your Career through LinkedIn

Due to his passion for work, Igor Bobryk has a great interest in employment topics. Anything that has to do with HR and particularly with recruiting, employer branding and candidate experience gets him excited, which is why he also enjoys blogging about these topics. And since work is such an important aspect of his life, LinkedIn couldn’t be but his favorite social media platform, which he uses to share insights and ideas. Igor has worked in various settings and HR positions, and currently works at Hack The Box as Talent Acquisition Specialist, contributing to the scaling of the company.

Nada Buhendi

Session: Intereview to Offer Secret: Doctor Frame Technique

Nada Buhendi is an IT Consultant with 15 years-experience in agile roles including agile transformation coach, scrum master, and product owner. As well, she has coached technology professionals at Scotiabank, RBC, Deloitte, Accenture, and Slalom Consulting build their confidence, hit the ground running and ensure job success. Nada transitioned to becoming a certified senior professional career coach, because she discovered and unleashed her own awesome to learn that her North Star is helping clients who are burned out take their career to the next level. She loves being of service to others (as any rock-solid Agile Coach is!) and one of her greatest joys is helping others create their purpose.

Natal Dank

Session: Using Agile to Build Your Career & Stay Relevant in an Ever-Changing Job Market

Natal helps you co-create awesome places to work. Following over a decade in senior HR roles, Natal is seen as a pioneer in Agile HR, and helps organisations build amazing employee experience, like a customer journey, full of moments that matter for their people and brand. In 2016 Natal hosted the first Agile HR Meetup in London, which has since grown into a regular worldwide event. A year later she co-founded the Agile HR Community and has recently published the book, Agile HR. Now, through PXO Culture, Natal is focused on modernising HR and people practices for the 21st Century.

Tom Henricksen

Lightning Talk: Humans are hard, Code is easy

Tom Henricksen is a problem-solving technology professional. He has worked in various roles in technology for over twenty years. Tom has learned how to solve the challenging issues in technology and lead technical teams. He can help you develop those skills too!

Jem Jelly

Lightning Talk: 100+ Agile Coaches interviewed: Here’s what you can learn!

Jem's first daily Scrum was in 2005. Since then, he has coached over 150+ teams in lots of different environments. He brings his compassion & lived experience to his roles. Seeking to first understand the nature of the challenges, he *then* explore the means which might be Agile. His time is split between Coaching & Teaching. As a seasoned speaker, Jem knows how to engage an audience.

Monica Moody

Session: Job Hunting for Diversity and Inclusion

Monica Moody, is a certified Scrum Master, with over 15 years of experience in Talent. In her career, she has focused on Diversity & Inclusiveness initiatives in support of the overall people strategy. She has experience across the full talent lifecycle aligning strategic people priorities to business objectives. Monica has served in leadership roles within Talent Acquisition and Talent Development working in the nonprofit, professional services and high tech industries. She is dedicated to building workplaces where people can perform at their highest and be their authentic selves. Monica is also certified in Agile Talent (ICP-TAL), Change Management for HR (CMHR), Diversity Recruiting (CDR) and Integrated Talent Management (ITM).

Manjit Singh

Lightning Talk: Path from PM to Scrum Master

Manjit is the founder and President of Agilious, a technology consulting firm specializing in applying Agile-Lean methods to help organizations accelerate their business agility. He has been participating on Agile projects since 2000, and has led Agile and Lean adoption and implementations for a diverse array of clients, both public sector and commercial, including several Fortune 500 clients. Manjit conducts agile and Scrum trainings and is active as an Enterprise Agile Coach. Manjit holds several agile certifications: Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Trainer (CST), ICAgile Agile Coach Expert (ICP-ACE), and Large Scale Scrum (LeSS).

Fadi Stephan

Session: 3 Steps to Launch Your Agile Career

Fadi Stephan is the founder of Kaizenko, a Scrum Alliance® Registered Education Provider (REP) that provides Scrum training and Agile coaching to help teams and organizations transform, innovate, and deliver impactful products. Fadi is a Certified Scrum Trainer® (CST®) and Agile Coach with more than twenty years of experience at startups, government agencies, and Fortune500 companies across various sectors including financial, hospitality, and homeland. Fadi's expertise is in product development, agile adoption, and digital transformations. Fadi is also the co-organizer of Washington DC’s largest Scrum User Group (DCSUG). When Fadi is not training or coaching he enjoys skiing and cycling.

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