Differentiate Yourself with Your Scrum Alliance Digital Badge

As a professional, it’s important that you have the ability to convey all of the effort and time that went into attaining your Scrum Alliance certification as well as effectively communicate the validated competencies that you can contribute to your organization.

After earning your Scrum Alliance certification, you’ll receive a digital badge to validate your new achievement. Digital badges are dynamic and portable icons that are embedded with qualifying information about your credential. They can be conveniently and securely displayed on your social and professional networking sites, resumes, job boards, as well as your email signature.

However, beyond just showcasing your accomplishment, your digital badges can help you in your next cross-industry job search as they enable hiring managers and recruiters to instantly and reliably verify your credentials and better understand the tremendous value that you will bring to their organization. Your badges will get you noticed and move you to the top of the resume pile.

Share your digital badge on social media and tag Scrum Alliance, so we can celebrate your hard-earned achievement with you! For tips on how to share your badge, please visit Badgecert.com.

Use the links below for step-by-step instructions to set up and start using your Scrum Alliance digital badge:

For help getting your badge, please contact [email protected]. For technical assistance with your digital badge, please contact BadgeCert.