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Yan Borowski Machado


Production Manager, AM4 Brazil

Location: Barra Mansa, Rio de Janeiro / BR


Certified Scrum Developer
Certified ScrumMaster


I'm a .NET Developer, Scrum's enthusiast, Home-Chef (All my friends loves what I cook), halftime writer and xBox addict.

Here in my company I'm helping to introduce Scrum as part of our work's culture. Our dev-team (40 developers) works with another agile's methodologys since 2002. But now, we are trying to expand this culture over the all company. Yes, is not Scrum until the all company adopts it, but I'm not telling you that we use "Real Scrum". Baby Steps, is what we are doing. As my CSM's trainer said: We cannot change a entire company from day to night.

Work experience

AM4 Informática, Production Manager
August 2014 - Present, Barra Mansa, RJ, BR
Responsible for planning project's agendas, deal with technical analysis to check every new project's viability, promote new technologies and process management. Some projects that I've directly involved as Project Manager were: Reconstruction of the New Internet and Intranet Portals of STF (Supremo Tribunal Federal), Mobile app for the Anima Mundi (greatest animation event of South America), Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro (Mobile and Portal), Grande Prêmio de Formula1 2015 (Mobile App). As a Product Manager I was involved with Totens (Interactive apps to run on fisical devices for Malls with Maps showing custumer's route to stores, movies schedules, etc), Mobile Apps for Malls and others.

GAS Tecnologia Ltda, Team Leader / .Net Developer
March 2009 - June 2014, Brasília, Distrito Federal
Desenvolvimento de aplicações gerenciais e demonstrações de produtos da empresa em .NET 4 pela GAS Tecnologia. Atuando, principalmente, no sistema de Gestão da empresa como responsável por implementar as regras de negócio e banco de dados, sistema de Banco Virtual, Submissão de Arquivos para análise, integração de aplicativos com QuickBuild, sistema de acesso, dentre outros. Atualmente também responsável por cuidar da parceria da empresa com a Microsoft.


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