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William Rux III


VP, Product Management, CrossCurrent

Location: Portland, OR


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Groups I belong to

Portland Agile and Scrum Group


I started working for CrossCurrent in 2004 as Project Manager and jack-of-all-trades. CrossCurrent is a small healthcare software startup in Portland, Oregon. I basically handled anything pre- and post-development, like technical support and product planning. As the organization has grown to over 20 individuals, I now am more focused on working directly with orthopedic, spinal, and neurosurgeons to design and shape the development of the INCISIVE surgical planning and coding software product. We're using agile techniques and slowly converging on using Scrum as our project planning discipline.

Prior to CrossCurrent, I spent 7 years with GE Healthcare Technologies (former Medicalogic) as a Lead Program Integrator (fancy title for a project manager in a global conglomerate). At GE, I also held positions in the technical support and integration consulting before becoming a Lead Program Integrator. While at GE and being in the Oregon Air National Guard, I completed a Master in Science & Technology degree from Oregon Health and Sciences University. I spent the first ten years of my career in the Air Force as a logistics planner and administrative officer and recently retired as a Major in the Oregon Air National Guard. In between the Air Force and GE, I spent a couple of years working for a body shop as a software engineer, mostly working at Intel.

My personal interests are now gelling around Agile and Six Sigma. I've held a Certified Quality Manager certficate in the past and at GE got Six Sigma training. The whole Six Sigma thing petered out for software while I was at GE. I'd like my next job to be as Black Belt in a software company.

Work experience

CrossCurrent, Inc., VP of Product Mgmt
October 2006 - Present, Portland, OR, United States
INCISIVE MD 1.0 -- Project Manager (Oct/2006 to Mar/2007) - Wrote vision document and feature specification documents - Worked with key customer to develop initial proof of concept app - Created Product Advisory Board with 5 Key Customers that reviewed product requirements, project progress, and feedback on next steps - Did bug severity and impact analysis to categorize bugs and manage risk - Converted from Gantt chart to Stories - Tasks spreadsheet - Used burndown charts for project progress - Managed meetings to do work break down of features into tasks for initial iterations/release planning INCISIVE MD 2.0 -- Project Manager (Apr/2007 to May/2008) - Moved to quarterly release cycles with monthly Scrum planning meetings and product demos - Developed product themes and product backlog spreadsheet with with customers, Support, and Sales input - Ensured daily stand-ups occurred and removed roadblocks - Used burndown charts and task completion spreadsheet - Did user acceptance testing of story completion - Conducted half day release retrospectives - Re-scoped work after two software engineers added - Managed technical writer integration INCISIVE MD 3.0 -- Product Owner/Scrum Master (Nov/2008 to Present) Combined product owner, product manager, and Scrum master to 6-man Agile software team. - Write user stories, create screen mock-ups, and other conceptual materials on feature functionality. - Maintained the product backlog using Microsoft Excel - Conduct Scrum planning days to develop release theme, select epics and prioritize related stories. - Work with engineers on esimates of effort and reconcile estimates to release dates with key constituents. - Manage daily stand-ups to manage work priorities, remove bottlenecks or impedments, and gauge mood of team - Watched burn-down to fix work loads: above line, determine issue, drop stories as needed; below line, add stories - Used PivotalTracker web-based tool to manage stories and flow through development - Act a user proxy to do user acceptance testing of stories - Led post-release team retrospectives and watched follow-up activities - Herded "cats" and made everyone play nice in the sand box.


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