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Warren Jones


Solutions Architect, Rally

Location: Sydney, Australia



Certified ScrumMaster



I am an experienced IT executive with a proven track record of leading large development teams and projects. I’ve typically worked in the software vendor environment with my current role being a Solutions Architect for Rally Software. 

My strengths are having a thorough understanding of the entire SDLC – based on participating in various capacities over my career – and a democratic leadership style that promotes collaboration and consultation. I’m a passionate advocate of Agile Methodologies and a certified Scrum Master.

Work experience

Rally Software, Solutions Architect
August 2015 - Present, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Solutions Architect, Rally Software (part of CA Technologies)

Objective, Scrum Master
January 2014 - August 2015, Sydney, NSW, Australia

Development Manager and Scrum Master for cloud-based Connect solution.

Articles I've written

Take a Seat, Please
OK, the decision has been made that you are moving to Agile/Scrum from a more traditional method, most likely Waterfall. Agile has three clearly defined roles: product owner, ScrumMaster, and team. In this new framework, then, who gets to do what?

But That Trick Never Works!
I believe in being pragmatic. I don't so much see Scrum as a set of rules but rather as guidelines. In short, I like to do things because they make sense. . . .

The Importance of Being Earnest
It is in our nature as IT professionals to be bound by facts and formulas. Little wonder, then, that we often find ourselves judging the success of a project based on a wide array of metrics and reports. Particularly as project managers, we find ourselves immersed in the data as opposed to watching what is truly occurring. Is it possible that the more importance we place upon reporting, the more we distance ourselves from the true benefits of adopting the Scrum method?

Has Anyone Seen My Product Owner?
As the key stakeholder within the Scrum framework, the product owner is an essential player in ensuring that a relevant and quality solution is delivered. Typically, the product owner role is performed by the product manager, who has the vision and understanding of the end-user requirements to be able to effectively direct the team. If you find yourself working on a project with an "absent" product owner, or with a weak or ineffective product owner, then it is time to speak up.


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