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Walter den Haan


Sr. Agile Coach, CA Technologies

Location: Fort Collins, co


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Walter Den Haan. My time in Agile Software delivery started in 2004 where I was and application manager. I was asked to come up with a improved process for my back office developers to deliver their assigned projects on a timely basis while I was working at Sterling Commerce, which since has been sold. The problem we experienced was the the PMO was disconnected from the delivery teams and just throw projects over the wall and we had to deliver. As you can imagine this was a difficult situation for the team to be in. A consultant well verse in Agile Delivery was brought in and we crafted an approach which was all agile to simplifying the project management and delivery approach. The resulting engagement and delivery approach was never approved by senior managements, so the old way of not delivering still occurred. Though the agile implementation never went in the lesson and education stuck with me as it made common sense. My next job in my IT career was Thoughtworks out of Chicago, where I learned all the agile ceremonies and the value behind them. Though my first set of experiences was working in shops that were under a agile construct they all translated well to Scrum when I worked in Scrum shops. After leaving Thoughtworks I worked on progressively more complex projects learning all the subtleties of Agile\Scrum delivery. I have stayed in this field as I have found through experience that this is the best way to deliver software in a quick iterative way, delivering value to the customer. My time now as an Agile coach still focuses on the mechanics and value behind the Agile\Scrum ceremonies but I find myself now addressing culture issues and leadership issues and how agile\scrum applies to many aspects of a delivery organization. It has been an exciting and rewarding experience.

Work experience

CA Technologies, Senior Agile Coach
March 2015 - Present, Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
My role in this company is a Senior Agile Coach working with 17 scrum teams, My key responsibilities are:  Coach: Work with teams to institute and actively practice scrum and scaled agile techniques. Identify and introduce opportunities for the team to improve through coaching and questioning.  Mentor: Serve as a mentor to Scrum Masters, Product Managers and other agile leaders with an aim to make agile techniques successful, resilient and permanent.  Train: Collaborate to develop agile training materials. Author newsletters, collateral materials, and conferences as they relate to agile practices at CA. Provide scaled agile and role-specific training (group and one-on-one) for management, team members, product managers, scrum masters, etc.  Observe: Observe program and team activities (e.g., sprint, release and roadmap planning) and provide constructive feedback to teams and leads.  Culture: Work with management and teams to strengthen our agile culture. Work with teams and individuals to inspire the goals of self-determination, entrepreneurship, and customer-centered thinking.  Change Agent: Be a change agent for teams, leaders and the overall organization in establishing a lean agile culture. Act as a galvanizing force for implementing agile across the organization.  Servant Leadership: Practice servant leadership and promote the concept with managers within the organization.  Team Building: Foster strong and cohesive teams. Foster trust and collaboration across all team members to work as one unit. Assist teams resolving destructive conflict.  Continuous Improvement: Assist teams and leaders in executing agile practices in a way that leads to continuous improvement.  Communications: Facilitate strong cross-organization communication on agile techniques. Work with Scrum Masters and other agile leaders to develop and foster cross-team communication.  Experimentation: Encourage experimentation as a tool for continuous improvement of team performance.  Coaching Collaboration: As a member of the CA virtual coach team, establish future agile direction, develop best practices and lead incorporation of these practices and approaches across CA. Provide mentoring and support for other coaches.  State of the Art: Be the ‘face’ of agile state of the art within the organization. Constantly drive for self-improvement in mastery of scaled agile and lean techniques and practices - staying current with developing trends in the industry. Establish a visible posture within the scaled agile community through submission of articles, conference participation and engaging with other leaders throughout the industry.

Denhaan Consulting Group Inc, ScrumMaster|Agile Coach
March 2014 - February 2015, San Francisco, Califronia, United States
ScrumMaster at Macy's e-commerce division. Their online division has a relatively new implementation of Agile where they have been practicing for 3 years. I managed 2 projects within the CSS engineering group. This group supports systems that contributes to the website. Projects are: Vendor Photography Workflow Enhancements with the goal of creating a vendor contacts database and to enhance the vendor file acquisition process. The other is automation of the Lead Sheet process which is a manual process of uploading spreadsheets and associated images that are used on the website.

Pillar Technology, Vice President
April 2010 - March 2012, Denver, Colorado, United States
Vice President in the Western region responsible to create new client accounts in the Denver market, establishing a market presence for Pillar as a premier agile\scrum\lean service provider. Market was created from the ground up by creating executive groups in the city and supporting Agile Denver user group. � Established new accounts for the Western Region � Created an Agile Executive Special Interest Group in Denver where executives support each other in their Agile Delivery Model. � Sold $1.5M in 2010 in Ohio and $450K in 2011 while building a new market. � Performed the role of Agile Delivery Lead at Policy Studies in a billable role between 10/2011 - 02/2012. � Performed the role of Iteration Manager at GAP in San Francisco between 3/2012 - 3/2014. Iteration Manager over infrastructure teams. Teams were assigned on average 4-6 projects delivering servers, database, and network capability for application projects. The teams followed agile ceremonies of backlog grooming, iteration planning, retrospectives, Daily Standups. In addition to leading user story writing, release planning for each supported project.the team leveraged burn up charts to quantify where they were in the release cycle.

Cengage Learning, Agile Delivery Lead
November 2009 - April 2010, Farmington Hills, MI, United States
Assigned to the the Community Health product at Cengage Learning by the consulting firm Pillar Technology. The product was green field product commissioned by the State of Florida and created by Cengage Learning and was targeted for launch in 2010. Purpose of the product was to provide a comprehensive site for health information to local communities accessible at libraries around the state. My responsibilities were to lead the team in sprint planning, daily scrums, Sprint reviews, removal of impediments, capacity and velocity models, Burn ups, and coaching of staff, and turnover of the project to Cengage Learning Staff. � Primarily guiding the Community Health team of developers, testers, content, and business toward delivery as a Agile Delivery Lead. � Led three additional smaller efforts (Career Transition Maintenance effort, Big Labrador repository project, Shared Object team effort) while leading Community Health. � Coached staff at various levels of agile maturity on the team. � Implemented and supported agile\scrum practices not limited to daily scrum, sprint planning, backlog grooming,release planning, , sprint review,sprint demo, impediment board, definition of done, Release Done, and story card wall. � Tracked and represented metrics via burn ups. � Facilitated grooming sessions using mind map to capture, end to end scenarios, and User stories. � Coached staff in the project management community on agile practices by weekly white board discussions and pairing with individuals on specific challenges.

GAP G.I.D. Distribution center, Iteration Manager
September 2008 - October 2009, Columbus, Ohio, OH, United States
Iteration Manager placed on Western project for the GAP online division. This was the top strategic project for 2008\2009. Goal of the prototype project was to integrate KIVA robotic systems into the existing Yantra warehousing system and prove the system can be integrated and can scale to the expectations of the client. My responsibilities were to lead the development teams in release planning, sprint planning, daily scrum, delivery of stories, removal of impediments, coaching on agile concepts and overall delivery. Project was successful in that the team delivered enough functionality to the business in 4 releases; and that the existing prototype backlog of stories was pushed to the Spring 2010 while a planned 2010 distribution center conversion to KIVA robotics systems had been pushed forward to 2009. In this scrum implementation emphasis was on execution and a very rigorous, disciplined delivery of stories. � Led a Agile development team of developers, testers, and one product manager, through several iterations at two week intervals, and 4 releases. � Led Agile practices like daily standup, iteration planning, backlog grooming, release planning, encouraged opportunistic and dedicated pairing for specific stories, iteration retrospective, demo, impediment board, with definition of done and story card wall. � Tracked and represented metrics via burn down charts for team velocity, and projection of release targets. � Facilitated quick start sessions to capture initial backlog of requirements and Design storm sessions to capture design decisions and t-shirt sizing of stories in Iteration zero. � Western team implemented TAZA open source test framework and produced 100% test automation on all stories; within each sprint, except in cases where manual testing is the best option. This level of test automation was a 1st in GID history. � Paired with onsite Agile Coach in Agile training to IT staff, in preparation for Agile Implementation.

Perficient, Iteration Manager\Release Lead
July 2007 - September 2008, Columbus, Ohio, OH, United States
Placed as an Iteration Manager in the iMedia development center, I supported two enterprise web applications. The center was adopting agile processes to support their delivery model. My responsibilities were to coordinate two teams comprised of content developers, java developer and testers and as the primary interface to all projects that come to these two groups. Both groups had a total of 50+ projects, of various sizes implemented over the course of a year that had to be developed, tested and implemented into a production state. In addition to coordinating all the projects into the development center I also implemented and refined targeted agile practices, moving the department forward in agile maturity. � Reviewed and refined department agile strategy with Directors of Development. � Taught and implemented the use of common backlogs in the Integrated Testing team, Content team and one external requirements team with the development team. � Implemented Agile practices with story cards as requirements, daily stand ups, iteration planning, product backlog grooming, department release planning, Dev pairing, retrospectives, show and tell, burn-up charts that reflect the performance of projects. � Provided a Matrix that identifies levels of scrum maturity to gauge adoption. � Providing coaching and tactical guidance to new Iteration Managers that were assigned two other teams. � First time adopter and implementer of the Release Management in the Nationwide Finance division, providing feedback and suggestions for improving he role and responsibilities of a Release Lead. � Provided input and guidance on a Agile scheduling tool. Products considered were Rally vs. Mingle vs. xplanner vs. excel

Thoughtworks, Iteration Manager
April 2005 - June 2007, Chicago, IL, Chicago, IL, United States
Iteration Manager Mostly performed the role of Iteration Manager on several projects. The roles is similar in nature as ScruMaster, except this role came from XP. I led teams in the agile ceremonies of backlog grooming, iteration planning, daily standup, iteration retrospectives and also release planning.. In this role I produced iteration down downs and burn ups for the larger project effort and releases and mitigated any impediments the teams experienced during the iteration.


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