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Valerie Willis


Agile Coach / Software QA Consultant, RSQE, Inc

Location: Raleigh, NC



Certified ScrumMaster





 As an experienced Scrum master and software quality assurance consultant, I have demonstrated and exceeded testing projects objectives for clients on various types of platforms ranging from Java, ASP.NET, Windows 2000, NT, SQL to Oracle.  Please read below my testing experience utilizing my academic and work experience to verify and validate test requirements for the end-customers. 

Testing experience(s): 

13+ years in software quality assurance with emphasis in incorporating and following software development life cycle, (SDLC), configuring and utilizing Test Director/Quality Center test management and defect tracking features.  Lectured QA groups and trained QA teams on developing test plans, test strategies and incorporating manual and automation testing into various levels of testing phases.


As a Quality Assurance Manager I’ve managed new QA teams and testing efforts for million dollar software applications.  Created and maintained testing project schedules and status reports to monitor and address potential project risk.  Facilitated and attended QA team meetings and project  status meetings to communicate with team members and management on testing efforts, processes and procedures. 


As a Quality Center Administrator I’ve developed customized user roles via VB Script and a defect tracking process flow chart for QA, Development, Business Analyst and Project Managers to follow for each release during defect tracking and meetings.


As a Quality Assurance Analyst I’ve developed test case matrix(s), which standardizes a naming convention for various types of test cases.  (i.e.)  GUI, Stress, Functional, EndToEnd, etc.  The process was used to verify testing coverage in the Test Plan and Test Lab.  Also, utilized the Quality Center to maintain developed user defined functions, GUI and TSR files, *.vbs files, *.qfl, and etc.


As an Automation Tester, I’ve developed QA test case/scripting on various platforms and business applications with various testing tools.  I’m a certified product specialist with Mercury Interactive test suite 6.0 (Winrunner, TestDirector), but I’ve used other automated testing tools ranging from QA Partner, SQA Robot and QTP.


As an automation tester I follow and incorporate basic concepts for creating automation test scripts.   (i.e.)  “Common element” concept of using a routine logon and logoff test steps for every test condition.  “Call To” routines to use conditions that are common amongst various test cases, which allow a low level maintenance approach. (i.e.)  Reusable actions, call_close functions.  “Data Parameterization” concept to import data directly into the application via test script statements reading/writing from a database or spreadsheet, but allowing a non-technical resource to create and maintain the data.  (i.e.)  SetDataTable.Value, ddt_val, etc.  “Automation Test Scripting” concept to utilize Record/Play back only as an initial step, but adding TSL, (Winrunner) or VB Script, (QTP) to enhance the test scripts overall expected results.  Also maintaining a well structured Object Repository or GUI Map Editor file. (i.e.)  wild cards, reusable objects by removing various description properties, and using naming convention, and etc.  Also, utilizing Add-ins in cases when Java, PowerBuilder, Visual Basic type applications need special types of functions designed in Winrunner or QTP to recognize objects.  In other cases, I reset the class map and record method for non-standard applications, and stored in a “start up” test script to be used by all test scripts.


Overall as an automation test consultant I’ve utilized 65% to 75% of my work skills as an automation testers, 25% as a manual tester and 25% to 35% as quality assurance project coordinator.  The key to my successful software project are my well defined quality assurance project plan and building test scripts and test cases from project plan(s).  The key to a successful software project following Agile methodologies is training my QA department to understand and incorporate common SCRUM practices to assist development during our sprint(s) and being beneficial in achieving the final release goal(s).






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