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Vijay Sarathy Upparapalli


Senior Manager - Projects / AGILE Coach


Certified ScrumMaster



VIJAY SARATHY UPPARAPALLI                                                                              

+91 994 973 3326

PMP®, CSM® certified professional graduated to the middle level management, inculcating the learning and take-away from over 15 years of experience in the software services sector.

Interested in opportunities to leverage and hone my program / delivery management skills and AGILE expertise towards a win-win relationship.

Career Profile

  • 1.5 years as Senior Manager / AGILE coach (Cognizant):
    • Guidance/Mentoring and handholding for AGILE-SCRUM RFPs (~4 M $ project budget).
    • Agile Coaching for large scale distributed teams (DAIKIBO) for a large account with 7 delivery teams.
  • 4+ years for the Microsoft services (Microsoft):
    • AGILE-SCRUM SME for PMO - Microsoft Services Global Delivery.
    • Project / Solution planning and delivery for domains like telecom, taxation, healthcare and mail box migrations on Microsoft technologies
    • Execution and delivery of project / solution in a matrix organization as an individual contributor with dotted line reporting from the team for the project duration.
  • 8+ years for the Telecom domain (Wipro Technologies):
    • Development and maintenance of telecom switch application software, proposal and analysis of enhancements
    • Project planning and quality conscious project execution along with customer interfacing and people management
    • International exposure to customer operating environments
  • 2 years for the Banking domain (PSI Data Systems Ltd):
    • Development and maintenance of retail banking software
    • Analysis of enhancements
    • Customer interfacing for technical issues/resolution


  • Accolades from Steve Ballmer for “lotus domino à exchange” migration project.
  • Established as the AGILE-SCRUM SME for the MSGD PMO and a ‘GO-TO’ person for any pre-sales / delivery involving high requirement volatility, low customer confidence and high end-user expectations.
  • Successfully delivered large projects (~15K man hours, ~2M € project budget) in a multi-vendor and multi-component environment with a consistent customer satisfaction survey of 9/9.
  • Successfully transferred project execution to a low cost location leading to cost savings for the customer.
  • Executed fixed price projects with shared resources.

Education, Training and Certification

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science and Engineering).
  • PMP®, CSM®.
  • Various in-house and external trainings on project management and quality methodologies like Six Sigma, AGILE-SCRUM, large scale frameworks for AGILE transformation and execution aimed at distributed teams.

Skill Set

Project / Program / Delivery management

SDLC, AGILE-SCRUM, Large scale frameworks for AGILE transformation and execution aimed at distributed teams, Iterative and proprietary methodologies like SURE STEP.

Programming Languages

C, C++, Erlang

OS / Products

Win 9x ++, Unix (IBM, SCO, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX) / SharePoint, CRM, CCA, ATM switch, Media Gateway and Controller.

Software Configuration Management

Clear Case, PVCS, SCCS


vi, MSOffice, Ericsson ProprietaryàTraffic simulators, ATM Switch simulators, Rally for AGILE execution


Telecom, Banking, Automobile and Health care



Scripting Language

Tcl/Tk, Expect


Informix, Ericsson proprietary like ets and mnesia


RDBMS, OOAD, Test automation

Important projects from Professional Experience

Cognizant                                AGILE COACH                                                        Jan 2013 – Jun 2014

Ford GOTD:

  • Performed as an AGILE COACH and was instrumental in boosting the confidence for standing up the Indian teams to seamlessly work with the other distributed teams across the globe.


Microsoft                          SCRUM MASTER / Project Manager                             Jun 2008 – Jan 2013

Roche diagnostic study:

  • Evangelized, educated and convinced the customer about the applicability of AGILE-SCRUM methodology of execution (even though there was an FRS) owing to the ever changing expectations of the customer on the content and scope of the requirements. Delivered the project within the triple constraints and the succinct expectations from the end-users aiming at a win-win relationship.

BT CCF Solution:

  • Proposed AGILE-SCRUM methodology of execution for the project as the project had come to a stand-still owing to the lack of clarity w.r.t the requirements even after the requirement gathering phase and established the discipline to be followed for an AGILE-SCRUM implementation across a multi-vendor and a multi-component / module environment with the other vendors (received appreciation from the project sponsor (platform director of BT) for the same).
  • Managed the varying business priorities from multiple stakeholders.

JPMC Lotus Domino to Exchange migration (180K mailboxes):

  • Accountable as a project manager and was instrumental in executing / delivering live mail box migrations within a stipulated period of 72 hours over the weekend. Analyzed the operations and introduced a predictable and streamlined way of execution to arrive at an efficient run-time resource utilization based on the bursts of migrations for the shift.

Wolters-Kluwer Knowledge Coach:

  • The ‘SCRUM of SCRUMS’ was introduced and executed for the first time in MSGD PMO.
  • Implemented and executed the ‘SCRUM OF SCRUMS’ approach for a geographically distributed team (US (multiple locations), India (Pune, Bengaluru, Hyderabad)) to successfully implement AGILE-SCRUM methodology for project execution towards a mutual success.


Wipro Technologies                 Project Manager / Project Lead                            May 2000 – Jun 2008                                                           

SNMP SubAgent for SIP CC on EDN524:

  • Managed the T&M project with multiple divisions of customer units involved and coordinated the project execution to be inline with varying requirements from all the divisions.
  • Monitored the quality parameters to achieve the best performance from the team.
  • Proposed Rational Rose RT for development leading to modular design and ease of scalability.

AXH project for POTS card enhancements:

  • Performed analysis of the requirements to arrive at suitable priorities benefiting the customer and the organization through streamlined project execution.
  • Managed the FP project with shared resources and very tough timelines. This lead to organizational benefits. Supported the team with design and troubleshooting issues.

AXH Enhancements:

  • Managed the project with a team of relatively low exposure to the technology and domain and coordinated with the customer to streamline the bursts of assignments, to keep the team uniformly occupied leading to cost saving billing cycles for the customer.

Design and Maintenance of APX application:

  • Successfully transferred project execution to a low cost location leading to cost savings for the customer.
  • Managed the project at the customer premises inline with the high performance expectations.
  • Executed a prototype to increase the confidence of the end customer.


PSI Data Systems Ltd.                 Software Engineer                                                Sep 1998 – Apr 2000

Retail Banking software maintenance and enhancement:

  • Coordinated the activities with the project lead and was instrumental in closing pending issues. Many pending payments from the customer were cleared.
  • Participated in task force visits performed by the bank staff so as to gain the confidence of the customer and thereby, the end user.


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