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Victor Nunez


Location: Australia


Certified ScrumMaster



Victor Nunez is a proponent of the application of Scrum and other agile or lean methods in devising and implementing technical and management strategies to improve effectiveness and increase efficiency in the information technology arena.

He has been in the information technology sector since 1994. Results-oriented and innovative, he combines experiences as Developer, Consultant, Analyst, Tester, Architect, Product Manager, Project Manager, Development Manager and Director of Information Technology in the management of teams in various fields in the information technology arena.

In 2006, he started practising agile methods in software product development and began to advocate Scrum as a framework for software development projects and initiatives. After lots of learning and practise with Scrum, he decided to get certified as ScrumMaster and acquired said certification in 2009. Part of his advocacy of the the use of Scrum as framework is the dissemination of the concept and principles of the framework through training, mentoring and coaching of teams he has managed from 2008.

Understanding the role each member plays in organisations, teams, projects and initiatives (especially having worked mostly with multi-cultural staff and and/or silos located in various geographical location), he finds the positive effects of implementing agile methods like Scrum to the satisfaction of each member in the performance of their role very rewarding.


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