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Thomas Wessel


Managing Director, Agile Coach, Davisbase Consulting

Location: Waxhaw


Certified ScrumMaster




How I Came To Be

The year was 1966, and somewhere near Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia, I was thrust out into this cold and unforgiving world. At age 7, my family unit migrated from Virginia to the frontier land of Texas where I had to down a 72 oz. steak in less than hour in order become an official resident. Since then, I have gone by the name of “T-Bone”.

I spent my formative years in Houston working as a paperboy, burger flipper, grease monkey and roustabout. Other than a few run-ins with the law, I led a simple life.  I studied Advertising at the University of Texas in Austin and had a love hate relationship with inexpensive Italian cars.

My first job out of college was at a small design firm making $5 an hour. That was a big upgrade for me since my daily diet of ramen noodles was upgraded to Hot Pockets. I eventually grew restless and took a job teaching English in Japan. It was a great experience and the most important thing I learned is that you can get a darn good meal from a 7 Eleven in Japan.

Upon arriving back to the birthplace of the Big Gulp, my career took a turn to a 20+ year career in IT starting with computer sales and marketing and then meandering on to digital design and printing, technical support, quality assurance and control, project management, program management, etc. Along the way I developed a passion for the software creation process and growing high performing teams. I received a Masters in Computer Information Systems from the fine folks at the University of Denver.

When I first encountered Agile, it was like a warm handshake from an old friend who asked, “What took you so long?” Everything just made sense, at least from a career perspective since everything else in my life is pretty much screwed up. Since that epiphany, I have spent the past 7+ years working as a ScrumMaster, Agile Trainer and Coach, working with various sized organizations in financial services, healthcare, home improvement, utilities and cable and satellite to plan, implement and train teams on agile principles and evolve their agile discipline.

And the journey continues.



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