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Tommy Christensen


President & Director, CayMinds Inc.

Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Agile Northern Alberta


Bio for Tommy Christensen.

I have been en integral part of introducing and working agile following SCRUM with the Sustainment Teams since I took my certification.

Currently I am working with a team where we have taken a more Kanban approach due to the limited resources and ever changing landscape in the company.

As new members of the team are added, I perform SCRUM Training to the new member and the entire team, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and have a common understanding of what SCRUM is all about.  This involved both the team-members as well as the Team Manager and the VP of IT.

Prior to working with my current customer, I have help positions involving Software Development, and one of my first undertakings has always been to introduce SCRUM to the companies and helped the team evolve into high-performance/high quality teams.

I have developed my own SCRUM introduction material, including practical exercises, to help team members overcome the paradime shift it is to move from traditional waterfall to SCRUM.  These exercises have been highly effective.


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