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Tarek Abo Elkheir




Certified ScrumMaster



Tarek Abo Elkheir is born in Lebanon on 28th of June 1980. Tarek lived in Lebanon till he finish his high school. Tarek studied at Etihad School in Sour, and got the national exams with good remarks. He likes to play football, basketball, Ping-Pong and of course swimming,.

Tarek finish his university study at 2005, he finish computer system and technologies.

Tarek started his career in Weblancers Company, he learned and worked on several projects, most of them were web database applications.

After Weblancers, Tarek moved to Eastisoft Company, where he learned and used to write the most technique of writing self-readable, reusable and quality code. Tarek work on several big and complex projects.

Now, Tarek is working at Evolvity, an outsourcing company, the company working mostly for Netherland and United kingdom. Tarek is senior developer and scrum master of the .net team.


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