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Sofia Woloschin


Director, FlatStone

Location: Adelaide, South Australia, Australia



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster



I am a Scrum Master and Agile Coach with focus in human relationships and organisational design. Over the last 10 years I've set myself into what I now define as my purpose in life: "Help change the world by changing myself, and helping others to change so that we can get to a new level of human consciousness". I want to see people happier and fulfilled in every aspect of their life of which work is not a divisible aspect. For 24 years in IT I’ve seen companies struggle: bureaucracies that create obstacles to delivering and innovating rather than enable them. I see people’s disappointment in the workplace, their lack of purpose and commitment. As Laloux put it in Reinventing Organisations, "at both the top and bottom, Organizations are more often than not play-fields for unfulfilling pursuits of our egos, inhospitable to the deeper yearnings of our souls". Many reached what coaches define as "edge": a long for change. There's seek for meaning: "why am I here?", "how can I contribute to improvement in the world?" In the workplace this translates into a more egalitarian organisational system that is sensitive to inter-dependency and relatedness. Businesses that ignore social impact become unattractive to employees. Organisational experts explain that “transcending” is needed for these companies to survive: transforming into networks of diverse people whose unique perspectives increase chances for success in dealing with complexity and uncertainty. Overcoming VUCA requires constant feed of ideas and experimentation and the freedom to be who we are as individuals. And having a goal that connects us with higher purpose. As Agile Coach, Exec Coach, Scrum Master I train, coach and facilitate evolution into a networked organisation. I coach managers to manage the system rather than people. I create space for teams to become autonomous - collaborative cells. These form the fabric for a resilient, purpose driven network. I am catalyst, propeller, model of the behaviours that we aspire: conscious, compassionate, committed, resilient, trustworthy, self actualised, intrinsically motivated. When people's mental models expand a new system emerges, one resembling communities rather than one-way hierarchies. And they achieve extraordinary results at team and organisational levels. I have worked with companies in Adelaide, Melbourne, overseas. Teams in different time zones and cultures, in America, Spain, India, and a range of technologies, Since training and being coached as a Scrum Master 7 years ago, I've been so fortunate as to have worked with a number of companies and more than 15 teams in roles as SM and Agile Coach. I am a change provocateur, someone that takes her principles to heart, that speaks her mind for the benefit of individuals and groups. With time, my voice got stronger and I realised that my role as an Agile Coach is fundamental to achieve my life purpose.


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