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Stephen Williams


Development Team Lead, i365, Inc.

Location: Santa Clara, California



Certified ScrumMaster



Stephen Williams has extensive experience at a number of high profile clients, commercial and Federal, on a wide range of innovative development projects over a span of 26 years. He is experienced in object-oriented and rule-based development in several languages, human factors-based user interface design and GUI implementation, server-based application development including high-speed transactional systems, and database design and development including relational, full-text, geospatial, XML, and semantic/RDF/SPARQL.  He has deep experience in full life cycle development in several types of environments for products, services, and enterprise systems.  Also an information assurance professional, he has been a CISSP for more than 6 years, is NSA IAM certified, and has performed penetration testing of multiple systems, driven very secure application development, hardened systems and networks, and worked with NIST, GAO, DREN, Treasury, DoD, and DOJ on security certifications.  This IA work has included evaluating biometric technologies, theory, APIs, and software, including the NIST fingerprint minutia computation software.  He has presented papers at conferences, presented government projects to executives, presented requested research to government panels, proposed standards, and participated in several standards bodies on an ongoing basis.  An avid technologist, he is well acquainted with administering a wide range of technology, from handheld devices to supercomputers and including many types of workstation, server, and networking systems.  He also has extensive experience using and integrating a number of COTS and open source software systems.  As a well-rounded technologist, Stephen brings a unique combination of valuable skills to support efficient, low-stress progress toward project goals.

Work experience

Pelican Imaging, Director of Software Engineering
March 2012 - Present, Mountain View, CA, United States

Building embedded software and SDK for revolutionary camera technology.

  • Moved development environment from waterfall to agile Scrum, sparse documentation to a rich wiki with Gliffy & Graphviz diagrams, tasks from a Gantt to Jira Greenhopper tasks, subversion to git, native projects to CMake for Win/Linux/Android/OSX, proprietary integration server to Jenkins.

  • Screened and interviewed hundreds of candidates, improving process in various key ways.  Developed a particularly revealing Socratic interview problem.

  • Solved numerous management, product, and technical problems while managing and working with technical teams, direct and offshore.  Acted in management, product, team lead, and deep hands-on development roles.  Ported all code to MacOSX.

  • Redesigned auto-exposure architecture to easily support all Android and DSLR-like exposure scene and semi-auto modes.

  • Suggested and drove key product, product marketing, optimization, imaging, computer vision, technology, and methodology ideas, features, and implementation details.

  • Worked with vendors, OEM customers, and partners to complete agreements, remove roadblocks, and build mutually supportive, constructive technical and business relationships to enable team to accomplish highly technical and unprecedented integration and optimization of DSP, GPU, and multithreaded/multicore computational imaging.

  • Directly managed and resolved numerous conflicts while asserting culture, tool, and process improvements.

  • Solved runtime code security requirement using industry-best technology and commissioning open source partial replacement to avoid performance losses.

  • Closely monitored, participated in, and improved IT choices and processes, saving approximately $100,000.


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