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Shafieka Van de Schyff


Sr. Scrum master , EMC

Location: Durham, NC


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


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I am a scrum master and an acting agile coach for Platform Engineering teams, using Scrum, Kanban , XP, Lean and Scrumban. Hardware and Sofware technology has been my home for more than 20 years, Delivering large enterprise systems, start-up, fast-paced and complexities of all types, using multiple agile methods 8 years. I have also worked on software teams that used XP as an engineer and software developer. I am people-focused and drive towards delivering customer value. With my mentorship, acting as a servant-leader advocating for continuous improvement to deliver a quality product I am able gained trust amongst the teams. My commitments and enthusiastic passion has contributed to the successful teams whom become self-organized.

Work experience

VCE/EMC, Sr. Scrum master/ coach
November 2014 - Present, Durham, North Carolina , United States
Coach all platform teams and VCE employees on Agile Concepts. Encourage and motivate teams to become self-organized. Provide portfolio metrics, provide and analyze team metrics, velocity, latency - for process impact and identify where to improve. Facilitate all scrum ceremonies (planning, daily standup, reviews/demos and retrospective) and contribute to release management. Improve estimations and user story writing. Coach and assist product owners. Draw attention to product vision and team values. Live by the 12 Agile principles on a daily basis. Bring focus to the manifesto and principles when team members get derailed.

Red Hat, Agile Delivery Lead
February 2014 - November 2014, Raleigh , North Carolina , United States
Used Scrum and kanban. Assisted a team to convert from kanban to Scrum to deliver features as a collective team increasing knowledge and quality. Facilitated sessions for CI, promoted JIT and all scrum ceremonies. Provided portfolio metrics that are data-driven and used for inspect and adapt. Promoted fun demos and cross-team collaboration. Worked with Cross-functional teams. Improved anti-patterns. Continuously worked on improving team collaboration and communication. Provided input to the agile community of practice. Worked toward sustainability. Created team metrics for the team to inspect and improve.

Verisk Health, Agile coach/ Scrum master/ Program Manager
November 2011 - March 2013, Morrisville, North Carolina , United States
Facilitation of all scrum ceremonies, on multiple colocated and some distributed team members. Trained team members and Product owners. Planned and coordinated releases and grooming sessions. Mentored various team members. Provided and analyzed burned down charts, but ups, latency, inspect and adapt. Provided insight on Pairing and Swarming. Advocated for collaboration and immunization. Promoted transparency and visbility to executives. Facilitated sprint demos.

Progress Energy, Consultant
July 2011 - October 2011, Raleigh, North Carolina , United States
Facilitated planning and retrospectives. Managed multiple projects and programs of various sizes, used some XP to deliver. Insighted concepts of continuous improvement through automation and user story slicing. Encouraging Hardware and Sofware engineers to collaborate and communicate to support the DevOps to improve quality.

BCBS, Contractor (agile program manager)
March 2011 - July 2011, Durham, North carolina, United States
Worked on data warehousing conversion project. Used Scrum and LEAN concepts, like value stream teams, TDD and FDD. Use JIT concepts as design requirements changed. Supported the Agile roll-out by prototype execution with an Agile team. Aso provided mentorship and Agile training to different departments who supported the LEAN rollout. Created value steams and value stream management who were responsible for cross-functional product teams. Provided KPIs to the portfolio. Performed daily standups, used story points to estimate, facilitated sprint ceremonies and trained the teams.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts , Consultant at ITD
April 2009 - March 2011, Boston, Massachucetts, United States
Identified vendor options Introduced lean concepts and agile principles to teams to drive to customer value within a very aggressive expectation to delivery within a year. Improved communication and collaboration between the infrastructure teams. Fostered a culture to deliver MVP and to make decisions as a team. Reduce process overhead Worked with the Capital Program Management Office at the portfolio level, providing metrics to trend towards program completion. Worked with entire infrastructure division to build a double Oracle PeopleSoft upgrade to the HRCMS program. Delivering a quality upgrade and under budget. Also worked on delivering content web services, using scrum.


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