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Shawn Roberts


Owner, SCV-TP13

Location: Parsippany NJ



Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



Resourceful, and multi-talented Agile Transformation Evangelist Lead, who leads organizations, teams, and individuals to deliver products and achieve organizational transformation to follow Lean/Agile practices and principles. An accomplished communicator and listener able to draw out and expose key pain points of organizational change from empirical evidence and apply holistic approaches to align and continue to create value. Keen at building consensus and nudging improvements that foster an environment of action verses reaction to cultivate efficiencies and deliver value. Protected the Enterprise Transformation Teams to overcome organizational gravity and deliver highly satisfying products to Stakeholders and Customers repeatedly and consistently with a high degree of quality.

An Agile leader with depth of expertise in enhancing profit by identifying, creating, and implementing change practices to managing change, building solutions for today while laying the foundation for tomorrow, cutting through complexities to obtain results. Consistently deliver leading-edge technology solutions to clients, not just by meeting the requirements but by building deep and meaningful partnerships for the long term.

Work experience

Verizon, Agile Transformation Coach
February 2016 - Present, Basking Ridge, New Jersey, US
The Agile Transformation Coach will be responsible for coaching and mentoring other Agile Coaches, agile delivery teams, roles, stakeholders and other organizational leaders with the overall goal of organizational transformation to agility. The Agile Transformation Coach is an expert in lean/Agile practices and one or more knowledge domains (i.e. technical, business, transformation) while having developed skill in facilitation, mentoring, training and professional coaching. The Agile Coach’s purview is multi-team and looking out toward the wider organization. The Agile Transformation Coach should be comfortable working at all levels to help the organization use Agile as a strategic asset of culture change and business value generation. This role will help the organization use Agile as a strategic asset of culture change and delivering business value.

KPMG, Agile Transformation Lead at KPMG
September 2015 - October 2015, Atlanta, GA, US
Define and lead the Business Transformation Initiative for the Advisory Practice of KPMG LLP under the Business Risk group- the scope includes 10 concurrent workstreams(“called components”) to improve business process management by enhancing -process technology (supporting the advisory practice US and global), creating a platform (standardize templates and standardize a process) and streamline the business and IT cadences to be more agile. This is a 3 year program starting with 11 partner countries and after three years being deployed to 51 partner countries. The core group of stakeholders are 20-30 Business folks and 7-8 Global ITS(Shared information technology service for KPMG global products). This is overall to streamline the KPMG advisory practice processes globally.

CITGroup, Agile Transformation Coach
August 2014 - July 2015, Livingston, nj, US
• Coached/Trained the Leadership (EVPs:(HR, CIO, RISK, Equipment Finance), SVPs, Directors, Line Managers) on Agile practices and values. • Dispelled myths and naysayers and instilled confidence and trust through games training, reviewing empirical evidence, and examples of other teams that the process works • Empowered the Team/s and value stream participants to remove organizational impediments to effect change at the lowest level possible without elevation that hastened change while honoring Agile/Scrum. • Was a catalyst of change that exposed the underlying issues and drove consensus through sticking points that removed fear and empowered the teams to self-organize and deliver. • Worked with the teams ensuring that development standards were created, maintained, and adhered to. • Negotiated the look and feel of dashboards that rolled up all projects, for review at the highest level reported and trained upstream Sponsors on how to interpret evidence. • Educated, negotiated with the PMO and project funding teams to educate how the Agile methodology will work in CIT and co-authored the SDLC framework for evaluating, funding, monitoring and fit with Agile Methodologies • Negotiated with the C-level, business and teams a migration roadmap from Waterfall to full Scrum. • Proposed, negotiated and instantiated an enterprise agile transformation plan to stand up the following Teams: o Enterprise Portfolio MGMT Team (Epics/Features creation and management) o Project/Program Leadership MGMT Team (Features/Stories, Handles Impediments cross Team issues, Dependencies with Stakeholders, Operations Team) o SCRUM Teams (Stories) o Business As Usual (BAU) KANBAN Teams (Enhancements, Production bugs, 1 off requests, Support) o Communities of Practice Teams (Cross Training/ ) • Modeled multiple Scrum roles including: EVPs, Leadership positions, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Stakeholders, Sponsors in various scenarios to show, then tell and mentor correct interactions across the organization to enhance the new process sticking at CIT. • Focused on individual needs wants and desires and incorporated feedback to embrace change by listening, empathizing and creating compelling engaging training sessions that helped to addressed the pain points of changing to Agile methods from waterfall and steered stakeholders teams and individuals to understand the why first then the how while honoring Scrum and Agile methods. • Conducted training sessions in a heavily waterfall environment that is successfully transforming the mindset from a fear driven, C&C style, siloed/ layered delivery type work, to value driven pie sliced E2E deliveries • Created perpetual learning Communities of Practice (CoPs) around Product Owners, Sponsors, Stakeholders, Development Team members, Scrum Masters, • Projects ranged from one off projects to, major integration efforts of no less than 10 upstream and or downstream dependent teams. • Hired on team members in the creation of an Agile Leadership Team (ALT) that proposed implemented and delivered Octopus Deploy with Git to facilitate one click deploy for promotion to Production. • Implemented practices and principles that enforced and were bellwether

Strasz, Scrum Master
June 2013 - August 2014, Princeton Junction, nj, US
As the Lead ScrumMaster partnered with the CEO and management departments to implemented and lead the agile change for all teams at Strasz. Researched, implemented and improved the technology, training, and processes suites to deliver value via the team and across the organization. Managed up the organization, and captured the strategic goals and leveraged self-organizing teams to drive those goals down through the organization via agile methodologies. Removed team and organizational impediments and lobbied Sponsors to get the teams the resources they needed for success. Hosted senior management customer and key stakeholder briefs of the roadmap on new projects.


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