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Sean Gates



Certified ScrumMaster



Sean Gates, a Psychology and Organisational Communications graduate, seized the opportunity to abandon his senior management career in 1990 and turn his hobby (software development) into his new career.

Throughout this career he has been driven by two questions: What makes good software?, and why are some development teams more successful than others? These questions sparked dual interests in application architecture and development processes and methodologies. 

In 2003 he flicked the agile light switch and has never looked back. He has subsequently returned to senior management and consultancy roles – this time in the software industry - and continues to be driven by the same two questions which have merged into one: How can we do this better?

Today he spends his time helping software teams be the best they can by sharing this experience and the knowledge that he has acquired over the years. He is an advocate for Scrum and does not wear a T shirt that says I'd rather be coding - but will admit to several development environments at home.


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