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Stephen Costanzo



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Stephen Costanzo

I have worked in an agile world since the early 2000's helping my company move towards the goal of being an agile environment. By the time I left and moved on, several of our teams were working in an agile manner while still being constrained by the waterfall model. Moving on to a startup, we were fully embracing agile and used that experience to move our customer through their development using that methodology. We brought several improvements to them and they were able to bring several items to market much faster.

Moving on to Federal Student Aid, I was part of the team that brought Agile to our group. The development team was already working with Agile, but lacked visibility - so we implemented Rational RTC. Using that as a base, we then brought in the testing team as they were the most willing to move into that pattern and liked the idea that everyone could see what they were doing. The requirements group as slightly more resistant, but they began to understand the benefits, however they were still in process when I left.

At Nordstrom HR, we are still a waterfall shop, and this doesn't seem likely to change. However, within specific projects we are attempting to move to an agile methodology - which is making our contracting partners happier. Currently, I'm involved as a JIRA Admin bringing our group more into the current view. They were doing it in a 'wild west, all statuses can go to all other statuses' and now we are becoming more structured. Additionally, they were mirroring statuses in JIRA that were also in their source control/deployment system, this isn't lean so I lead the group to resolve that. Primary responsiblities are for Continuous Improvement, Process and Tool Improvement, as well as education.

Work experience

Federal Student Aid, IT Specialist
November 2010 - April 2013, Washington DC, DC
Worked with various project teams by conducting reviews to ensure their compliance with current policies and procedures. Ensured compliance with Functional Configuration Audits, including documentation. Developed baseline WBS structure for the project teams to enter into their projects to account for our activities. Created and improved project document template and processes such as the Configuration Management documentation. Ensured that appropriate documentation was in place to validate the customer's expectations for projects. Worked as part of the team that created the overarching methodology document for Agile. Worked as part of the team to help institute a tool used to provide accurate requirements, development, and testing capabilities. Was a leader in the efforts for the Organizational Change required to adopt Agile within the organization. As a proponent of change, worked with the teams to adapt the SCRUM methodology to incorporate parts of other methodologies. This allowed for greater acceptance and understanding of our efforts. Ensured compliance with the new methodology and processes by use of the tool, attendance in all meetings, and validating documentation. Acted as an Agile Coach to help others understand the concepts, provide training and insight as required. Worked with other project managers to help them bridge their understanding from traditional to agile approaches. Additionally, determined what reports would enhance their work and worked to develop those reports. Conducted audits to validate that the use of Agile did not circumvent appropriate project disciplines.


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