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Rim Souissi


Senior Test Engineer / Agile Facilitator, Swiss Aviation Software

Location: Switzerland


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

SwissICT Lean Agile Scrum Group


Agile coaching is my focus since more than 5 years. I played the Scrum master role in 3 opportunities (2 different organizations) and the Agile coach role in 3 opportunities. Besides I was consulted by other teams that have already implemented Scrum or Scrumban to assess and improve their implementation. During my coaching experiences I could introduce Scrum ceremonies and Agile practices from the scratch (pair programming, test driven development, knowledge sharing, code refactoring, code review etc.). I also made use of “Consensus Workshops” to introduce the “relative sizing / story point estimation” and “Backlog items breakdown” to the teams. In addition to that, I could foster the knowledge sharing in very specialized teams where every team member was focused on a single business area making the development on this area slower or pending when she/he wasn’t available. I also helped the teams and guided them to figure out about their weaknesses and their area to improve. I played and still playing this role with a lot of enthusiasm and motivation as I found in improving the way people work and reducing waste quite interesting especially when this creates a lot of positive energy inside the team, brings a lot of interaction between the team members and helps motivate them to better achieve their daily work. My best success was when I saw people that were against transitioning to agile starting explain agile practices to new colleagues and convincing them to use these practices. This was for me the best reward for my efforts.

Work experience

Swiss Aviation Software,
November 2013 - Present, Basel, Switzerland
As Srum master/Agile coach - Implement Scrum within the assigned development team - Implement Scrum in other teams on demand - Assess the current implementations of Scrum - Introduce Agile practices (TDD, pair programming, code review and refactoring, knowledge sharing) - Implement Agile testing and continuous feedback - Moderate "Retrospective meetings" As senior test engineer: - Prepare and coordinate test activities for either delivery of major releases or minor fixes - Lead projects internal to the Quality Assurance team - Establish and improve test methods, tools and processes continuously - Support product development at all levels regarding product quality


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