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Rafael Lopes


Project Manager / Java Architect, CPQI

Location: Fortaleza, CE


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Groups I belong to

Scrum User Group Fortaleza


He graduated in 2002 from University of Fortaleza with bachelors’ degree in Computer Science. After one year he got his post-graduate degree in WEB Development Systems focused in Java platform. He has thirteen years of experience with system development and design. He worked for projects designing and developing systems related to banking solutions, workflow process solutions, financial applications, telecom solutions and educational solutions. In Federal Brazilian Bank he worked in the Java develop team and helps to create a credit risk web system. There he could improve his architectural knowledge about Java and started to know about financial subjects. In 2005 he moved back to his birth town to work for a very qualified IT company called Instituto Atlântico. During, 4 years he was responsible to guide technical teams on many different projects to achieve the projects objectives. Based on this experience, and the partnership between Atlantico and CPQi, 9 years ago he had the opportunity to improve his learning about finances and financial markets and work with financial frameworks like Calypso. He has been continuously increasing his knowledge on financial market and Calypso framework. After 2 years he had his contract migrated to CPQi, as permanent employee. Nowadays he has been working as a project manager/delivery manager for the CPQi international projects, having the opportunity to lead CPQi’s technical teams and manage the projects in some Latin America countries. As a Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner he tries to use the best practices for Agile methodologies, but sometimes he needs to combine CPQi methodology with the client process to achieve the best to the project and to the client. Also, he has the ability to support the sales management team on new prospections and opportunities that comes to CPQi. Rafael has a strong knowledge in Java, and the technical processes doing Analysis, Design, and Development and defining architectural solutions when it is necessary.


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