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Rob Kelley


Location: New York, NY


Certified ScrumMaster


Rob Kelley. I became interested in Agile in 2007 while working at The organization was a rigidly traditional shop with mature project management practices. We documented, constructed, tested, and deployed in waterfall fashion. I remember taking a requirements document around the office for all senior stakeholders to sign.

One team, the Plan Manager team, started out differently. They were a small, cross-functional, self-organizing team that focused on small incremental releases and a rigorous control of product development. I was impressed about how they managed what they would NOT do, and I was impressed with how quickly they could deploy finished code and in my opinion a better product than the other teams were managing at that time. I started working with that team and dived into Agile.

Since then, I've worked and grown my agile knowledge and techniques at (an enterprise-wide Agile implementation) and now at the New York Public Library.

My main focus in all endeavors is to figure out what is truly essential to build the team necessary for the product. I am team-focused.  My goal is to build teams that build great products.   Buzz me.

Work experience

Barnes & Noble, Senior Project Manager
June 2010 - April 2012, New York, NY, United States


● Guided, suffered with, and mothered startup team that created a one-stop shop for authors to self-publish ebooks on

● Got team into regular estimating sessions and regular releases.

● Huddled with Product Manager about how to summarize, report, and explain product's KPIs

● Pushed love, Monday morning coffee, and standups.


● Launched a developer website to spread the word on NOOKcolor possibilities for Android coders.

● Helped Pubit Team pivot to modify the system from ingesting ebooks to apps.


Ramped up a new agile development team to do a wholesale refactoring of the entire website into lightweight, liquid layout, SEO-savvy Java.

● Led with Agile - Release planning, Sprint planning. Whiteboard-tracking, and co-location.Guided the core group of 3 as it grew to 15 developers in three teams of 5, each with its own strengths.

● Kept Product Managers and Developers working together, hashing things out.

● Counseled Engineering Managers about the different rhythms of each team, where to assign features, and how to to incentivize.

● Introduced planning poker (big hit), fruit-smelling pencils (not so big hit)


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