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Ron Johnson


Agile Consultant, TEKsystems (Charter Communications)

Location: Greenwood Village, CO


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Groups I belong to

Agile Denver


Scrum Master (CSM)
Product Owner (CPO)
Release Train Engineer (SAFe)
Agile Coach/Trainer

An Agile transformations starts with management backing and understanding before existing teams can make the transformation and new team formation can begin.  Likewise, Team level commitment to Agile is necessary, this is where the magic happens.

Scaling agile to the enterprise is best done transparently.  There are natural conflicts that need to be recognized and managed by all levels in the enterprise.  Management needs a level of control and reporting which conflicts with the Team's need for autonomy and time to focus on the technical problem rather than paperwork.  SAFe is one of several proven ways to scale Agile.  

A technical leader in an Agile environment must manage several aspects of a team to ensure success.  
Which Agile methodology should be used?  I prefer either Scrum or Kanban depending on the nature of the work.  Both allow for monitoring progress and continuous improvement.
Collocated, Near shore or Off shore?  Early on, the standard Agile answer was Collocated.   This is the ideal arrangement but teams today can't ignore the benefits that off shore or near shore can bring.  The obvious is cost savings but other aspects like a 24 hour working schedule with nightly QA runs shouldn't be discounted.

Project Management in an Agile environment can have it's twists.  Using Agile road maps, know velocities and a well defined backlog (either team or project level), an accurate project plan complete with costs can be created. 

Software developer -  C#, Python, SQL in Android and Windows environments.
Agile Tools - Jira/Confluence, TFS, Rally

Work experience

Charter Communication, Agile Consultant
May 2015 - Present, Greenwood Village, CO, US
Metadata Team • Responsible for the flow of asset metadata through vendor/partner and Charter back office • Identify metadata issues during new market or new product testing • Team members are from each discipline, business and technology Analytics Team • Work with internal customers to define valuable KPIs • Define how those KPIs should be calculated • Specify how the base data should be gathered from internal products through tagging • Build Tableau dashboards for each specific purpose Data Mart Team • Define the Source to Target data mapping • Build ETL processes to imports from source to a Hadoop / Hive / Aster environment • Create aggregate tables when appropriate • Assist the Analytics team with complex query creation

Nordstrom fsb, Release Train Engineer (RTE)
January 2013 - Present, Centennial, CO, United States
The role description on the SAFe website begins: The Release Train Engineer is the “uber-Scrum Master” who facilitates Agile Release Train processes and program execution, escalates impediments, manages risk, and helps drive program-level continuous improvement. RTE’s are responsible for facilitating program events such as Release Planning Meetings, Release Management Meetings, the Inspect & Adapt Workshops, and the Scrum of Scrums. More details are here:


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