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Rod Cortez


Senior Consultant, PSC GROUP

Location: Chicago, IL/Cook


Certified ScrumMaster


Work experience

Nokia, Scrum Master
February 2011 - Present, Chicago, Illinois, United States

•Facilitates discussion and conflict resolution
•Helps team members understand roles in the scrum process
•Teaches team how to use and write user stories; works with team to estimate stories
•Plans and Facilitates the various Scrum/Kanban meetings (daily scrum, sprint review, retrospective and planning)
•Ensures Product Owner maintains and updates product backlog
•Helps team choose stories in a sprint, decompose stories into appropriate size tasks, ensures that team does not over commit
•Helps prioritize and manage maintenance work
•Ensures Scrum/Agile metrics are captured and made visible to team and stakeholders
•Coaches team to adopt Agile engineering practices and continual improvement
•Assist with internal and external communication, improving transparency, and radiating information
•Identify and remove impediments
•Empower the team to self-organize


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