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Richard Birch


CSM, CSP, Parmenion

Location: Bristol, UK


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster



Richard Birch is a CSM and CSP. He has acted as Scrum Master for multiple software development teams across several industries, and also mentored and coached Scrum Masters for other teams as businesses scale Scrum. Richard was trained initially, in 2009, by Geoff Watts. After a year of applying and using Scrum Richard submitted case studies and became a CSP.

Late in 2010, Richard enjoyed a refresher course, run by Paul Goddard (also with help from Geoff again). There was lots of Lego!

Richard has found the Scrum 'journey' to be a challenging but hugely rewarding and fruitful one. With common sense at the core of the approach and business value the constant outcome, Scrum offers a real chance to challenge the inertia (in terms of 'the way things work') in many corporate environments.

As a pragmatist and an implementor; Richard enjoys working with teams to get things done, and Scrum is a great vehicle for doing just this.

His work at RAC was much more complex, involving a large financial organisational shift to Scrum, with mulitple cross-functional teams all needing to be involved in an aligned and collaborative approach to delivery.

Richard's work at Invitation Digital was with several Scrum teams, delivering mobile applications and websites - releasing value (new features into "live") every fortnight. The teams were truly agile, releasing products fortnightly, continuously improving and becoming the embodiment of self-organisation. Richard's work at Invitation Digital helped successfully deliver and then iterate on the Giftcloud product and the complete rewrite of the vouchercloud website

The result is a motivated, self-sufficient, responsible and capable tech team.

Work experience

Parmenion, ScrumMaster
September 2016 - Present, , United Kingdom
Scrum Master for 2 teams delivering innovative financial investment products. The business is growing and is transforming to more agile methods. I am very excited about working with talented and willing team members to deliver value to our business and its customers.

Invitation Digital, ScrumMaster
February 2014 - June 2016, Bristol
ScrumMaster for several talented technical teams.

April 2013 - January 2014, Bristol

ScrumMaster & Senior Project Manager / Lead Business Analyst.

Leading a transition to Agile delivery in the digital space, from business prioritisation of projects and releases, through the upstream preparation of work so that it is dev-ready, and through to delivery and implementation.

Buro Happold,
October 2008 - April 2013, Bath
A very exciting Agile rollout. I worked initially with the software development team to adopt Scrum and then after an initial success rolled out Scrum and Kanban (as appropriate) across IT. The success was tangible and demonstrable - so much so that we initiated an exciting Scrum rollout to built environment engineering teams also. This involved teams in England, Scotland, Azerbaijan, Germany and Poland and there were some great successes in changing team dynamics, collaboration, ownership of goals and deadlines. With so many teams set up, there were failures too - all an excellent learning process; and the very foundation of my time as a Scrum practitioner.

July 2002 - October 2008, , United Kingdom

Educational Communication and Technology Agency


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