Polina Samsonova
Program manager at Playtech.
Kyiv, Ukraine


Polina Samsonova is on the line. I have 8+ years of experience in IT sphere from operational, outsourcing to product oriented companies, 5+ years in management positions (Product owner, Project manager, Program manager). My career in IT started from Business Analyst position where I was acting as Proxy Product Owner. Then examined me as Product Owner (launched 2 products) and turned to Project Manager. My hobby is to deliver happiness to the society by a variety of activities, in particular, but not limited to making cakes, sport, event management (e.g. internal IT-forum; gamification seminar for ITS students; colleagues&friends birthdays; Agile games (developed several simple games to better understand key principals of frameworks as Scrum, XP) and keep smiling all the time even when it’s stormy outside. I do have TOP-3 the most valuable competencies to individuals who work in teams: to love people (to know them better from different perspectives), to make decisions (because in Agile environment is highly important to make solid decisions as a team and to carry out responsibility as a team) and staying to be agile (to be ready to changes based on environment response).