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Pierre Morin


Certified PMP Project Manager, Canada Revenue Agency

Location: Laval, Quebec


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to



Certified Project Manager (PMP) and ScrumMaster (CSM) with a strong technical background in software/system engineering architecture, design and programming. Abilities to identify, analyse and propose solutions to eliminate repetitive tasks for process improvements. Solid experience in client-server and multi-tiers distributed applications in telecommunications and manufacturing industries. High Performance Computing (grids and clusters) expertise. Possesses many years of experience in designing simulation and building simulators. Good ability to speak in public.

Promote the advancement of the Project Management profession and PMI methdologies.

Promote the advancement of the SCRUM (Agile) software development methdologies.

Domains of expertise:

Project management (certified PMP and ScrumMaster).
Manufacturing and production.
Military aircraft systems and simulation.
High Performance Computing.
Distributed Systems and N-Tiers Architectures.
R&D Specialist and software design and implementation, architecture.

Work experience

Canada Revenue Agency, Research and Technology Advisor
November 2009 - Present, Laval, Quebec, CA
As Research and Technology Advisor, I have the mandate to evaluate SR&ED claims for income tax credits.

eXludus Technologies Inc., Director of Research and Development
April 2005 - September 2008, Montreal, Quebec, CA
Reporting directly to the CEO, I am responsible for the planning and delivery of the software solutions engineered within the company. I have the responsibility to insure Research and Development activities are aligned with products roadmaps, marketing and finance. I am accountable for analysis, design, implementation, quality and control of development costs of the technical software solutions of the company products. My role also included the production of reports for governmental, SR&ED and CNRC, and corporate purposes. I have a strong hands-on approach to R&D development. I manage the engineering development team and budget. Achievements: Successfully introduced RepliCator product releases to market. Successfully introduced the Grid Optimizer Job Array processing product releases to market. Successfully designed and introduced the Simpligrid product releases to market. A lightweight Windows based work load manager. Designed RepliCatorVM for Virtual Machine distribution across clusters Designed a Meta Language Processor used in Data Activated Processing. Designed and implemented a work load manager interface to activate jobs on demand (Data Activated Processing). Recruited employees to create the R&D engineering department. Successfully deployed software solutions and products at various customer and partner sites.

CAE Inc., Project Engineer/Project Manager - R&D
May 2004 - February 2005, Montreal, Quebec, CA
Reporting directly to Chief Technology Engineer, I was responsible of CAE’s Military Modeling and Simulation internal Research and Development initiatives worldwide with a total budget of $15 millions for fiscal year 2005. The responsibilities included; allocate budgets and create BAAN activities, report and track expenditures, track project progress and provide status to upper management. My role also included the production of several reports for governmental and corporate purposes, I had the responsibility to insure Research and Development activities were aligned with customer projects and CAE products roadmaps. Achievements: - Managed 22 internal R&D projects across multiple sites (CAN, USA, UK, GER). - Created scripts and tools to simplify and automate BAAN reports, track expenditure profiles and forecasted spending to eliminate recurrent manual operations. - Introduced the Feature Functionality Requests process for revision, management and prioritisation of new FFR for STRIVE® framework. Maintain and update the feature delivery matrix based on FFR. - Produced R&D reports to support quarterly TPC (Technology Partnership Canada) and yearly SR&ED claims (Collaborative work). Implementation of a validation process for TPC claims. - Produced the Technology Strategic Plan for CAE's future R&D Objectives (Collaborative work)

CAE Inc. , Project Engineer
June 2003 - May 2004, Montreal, Quebec, CA
As a Project Engineer, I was responsible to successfully deliver 3 simulators based on CAE's STRIVE® Framework (C++ Object-Oriented, HLA compliant for distributed simulation). I provided technical leadership and guidance for the design, development, integration, test, and delivery of the simulation training devices with a multidisciplinary team. I coordinated and tracked project plan milestones, deliverables and schedules. I delegated appropriate assignments to team developers. Achievements: - Clarified requirements and specifications, defined deliverables, created schedules with customers and project teams. - Succeeded in delivering the first integrated STRIVE®-based distributed simulation demo system for embedded training (Hawk Demo) - Succeeded in delivering the first cockpit flight simulator based on the STRIVE® architecture, the DRDC-Toronto MS3. Delivery achieved with identifying solutions to hardware, software and architectural issues. - Succeeded in building and delivering Phase2 of the Uninhabited Aircraft Vehicle Research Test Bench (UAV-RTB) simulator to DRDC-Ottawa customer.

CAE Inc., Software Architect/Electronic Warfare Military Sys
July 2002 - July 2003, Montreal, Quebec, CA
I provided technical leadership to the Electronic Warfare Sensor group and perform systems analysis and design of real-time applications for distributed sensor simulations. Using UML, Design Patterns and Requirements management tools, I created and produced the design of Object-Oriented EW (sensors) applications Achievements: - Gathered and manage EW applications and framework requirements. - Redaction of Guidelines for Tests, C++ Coding Standards. - Proposed solutions for a distributed processing for a Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) implementation. - Created the Software Architecture Document for the EW Framework and applications.

Eurekium Innovations Inc., Application Development Manager, C++
July 2001 - July 2002, Montreal, Quebec, CA
Reporting to the Director of Operations, I was responsible of the team of C++ software developers, their deliverables and managing their projects. Working closely with the Product Director to analyse and identify customer requirements, I had to combine system architecture, software design activities and team management activities. Achievements: - Recruited and supervised a team of 9 C++ software developers. - Analysed requirements, defined product deliverables and created project schedules. Succeeded in delivering mobileSapiensTM V2.0 on time and within budget. - Produced the System Architecture (collaborative work) and System Requirements Specification documents. Created the application server use cases. - Designed the universal Database Connector (for Oracle, Sybase, SQLServer, MySql, etc) - Instituted Software Engineering Process practices based on Rational Unified Process (RUP), using UML and created the corporate C++ coding standards.

Nortel Networks, Software engineer, Test Automation group
April 2000 - July 2001, Montreal, Quebec, CA
Located at Nortel’s Opto1 (St-Laurent) plant. I maintained, managed and enhanced software for the Advanced Test Platform (ATP) production server running 24/7. I modify and released Broker (middle-tier of a three-tiers architecture) software applications used in Nortel sites worldwide. I created and modified SQL requests and database tables, of an Oracle database, for new Broker services required to support optical components manufacturing. I contributed to identify and create new ATP services to support new Nortel products. Achievements: - Deployed 15 ATP production servers across 4 Nortel sites. - Designed new Broker services for ATP needed for the introduction of new Nortel products. - Created scripts and applications to reduce redundant manual operations and reduce costs. - Recruited and managed a team of 3 consultants and their deliverables (projects). - Proposed and implemented ATP system diagnostics to gather metrics that lead to optimisation of Broker services thus reducing test cycle period. - Proposed and implemented Virtual Monitoring system on Brokers allowing maintenance from any location within the company and from the Internet through VPN access. - Proposed and implemented File Servers bi-directional automatic synchronisation across multiple Nortel sites. - Designed and implemented Event Handler Services (TCP/IP communication interface) to share production test data with Data Warehouse systems, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Beltron Technologies – Mindready Solutions Inc., Software Engineer, Consultant
March 1999 - April 2000, Montreal, Quebec, CA
As a consultant working for Nortel Networks, I proposed and implemented solutions requested by the Computer Integrated Manufacturing and Test group for a middle-tier (Broker) applications of the Advanced Test Platform (ATP) . I created and modified SQL requests and database tables, of an Oracle database, for new Broker services required to support manufacturing. This role required deep knowledge of Inter-Process Communications (IPC), including RPC and Corba. Strong knowledge of C and C++ programming languages and UNIX shell scripting were essential. Achievements: - Deployed ATP at Nortel’s OPTO1 plant. - Improved ATP services to keep track of product failures and product repairs history. - Created automated services to gather Test Stations metrics and reports. - Designed Client-Server GUI interfaces for new ATP services. - Insured all ATP services are Y2K compliant.

CAE Inc., System engineer
May 1995 - March 1999, Montreal, Quebec, CA
Reporting to the Electronic Warfare group leader, I designed, implemented and integrated real-time EW sensor applications for flight simulators. My role required acquiring knowledge of Radar and Electronic Warfare systems. I also maintained and administered network servers (AIX, Linux and Unix) used by the Electronic Warfare group in applications development. Achievements: - Designed and implemented a radar complex simulation model for a computer generated force environment based on EW requirements. Successfully deployed the models on Lynx (RNLN) and Merlin (RN) customer programs. - Designed a serial interface driver for real-time systems that interacts with a Program Loading Unit (PLU).- Designed and implemented a graphic interface (X-Windows) for a generic RWR system that allows multiple clients to run independently on several hosts while accessing the same data remotely. - Modified graphic RWR interface application running on an Embedded system (CAE proprietary hardware) - Produced several customer presentations (RNLN and RN) used during Preliminary Design Reviews, Critical Design Reviews. Wrote technical documentation.

Sial Geosciences Inc., Geophysicist
March 1994 - May 1995, Montreal, Quebec, CA
Reporting to the Data Processing Centre manager, my role consisted in processing airborne geophysics data (of electromagnetic surveys) to produce customer geophysical maps of surveyed regions. Achievements: - Created Unix Shell scripts and C programs to simplify and automate manual operations required during data processing steps to produce geophysical maps. - Acquired strong knowledge of system and network administration and Unix Shell Scripting.


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