Peter Moreno
Agile & Integral Coach at ING Bank Belgium.
Brussels, Belgium


I started my journey in Santiago, Chile. During this period I worked on several projects in the Latam region (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, etc). Together with a group of colleagues, we developed a monitoring system for healthcare standards (using scrum) and many other initiatives that are still alive. Scrum was used to lead the software development processes.

In 2011 I was invited to come to Europe to join the AGFA R&D Center. I worked there for 3 years as Product Manager and Agile mindset promoter, responsible for the RIS & Connectivity products (HL7 integrations). I had a great experience while working at AGFA.

I am now working as Senior Agile Coach to support companies in their transition to Agile software development. Happy to contribute and collaborate with any company looking for a better way of working. The combination of both soft and hard skills is part of my personal style for Agile Coaching.

As a parallel initiative, I started my personal growth development in 2009. Exploring areas such leadership, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, human psychology, and spirituality. My passion for these topics is constantly growing and my effort to combine both IT Knowledge and human awareness is one of the main drivers of my human and professional evolution.

Keywords to capture my attention:
innovation, software development, personal growth, agile - lean - scrum, graphics design, meditation, healing, awareness, consciousness, charity, compassion, gratitude, collaboration, coaching, neuroscience, and spirituality.