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Pauline Laurenson


Project manager, ROYAL CANIN

Location: Montpellier, France


I grew up in France, in the middle of nowhere : in AUVERGNE where old volcanoes and country side are beautiful . This region gave me the envy to study the agronomy (life sciences, agriculture). i did my studies in Belgium where i've been graduated from an engineering school, Gembloux FUSAgx.

My first experiences for work where overseas in Africa (Benin, Tunisia) then in New Zealand. i was involved in extensive breeding management, that i still love and live when  i go back to Auvergne.

Back to France in 2006, i have reached ROYAL CANIN , MARS inc. company (Health Nutrition for Dog & Cat.) I have had few experiences before reaching the Innovation Pole - central markerting , as product manager and then sustainable project manager. I am located in Montpellier, south of France.

I took 2 times a sabbatical year to travel. My previous world trip was in 2011. i went to Brazil, Australia, Tibet ... mainly for outdoor (sailing, kyte, trek)d eat good  and try good food !

Back in 2012 at Royal Canin.  I still need to travel and practice outdoor sport when i work. it is why Montpellier is offering me a great place to pratice Kyte surf, long distance swim in the sea, SUP and also walking in the Cevennes or ride my horse.

2013 ? i have to imagine the next step !





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