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Phillip Jones


Product Owner / Scrum Master, ThreatQuotient

Location: Denver, CO


Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner



My career has been built around the very popular desire for many companies to transition to an Agile methodology. Every company I've worked for has valued me as an advocate and champion for the Agile process throughout their organization. My mission is to empower and inspire teams to build elegant web platforms. Across my entire career, I've not only added value in the realm of Project Management, but also in Product Management. I've found myself filling a dual role in most cases. Empowering the team and facilitating sprint ceremonies while also assisting in the building of wireframes, user stories, backlog management, estimation and grooming practices. I'm also a long time advocate for the Agile method, and evangelize that process across the entire organization with tools training, and methodology seminars. Specialties: Methodology advocacy, facilitation, process optimization, technical writing, UML diagrams, editing, documentation analysis, business analysis, project management, project coordination, defect reporting, testing, scrum master duties, manage offshore teams, manage in-house teams, methodology advocacy, roadmap creation, time tracking.

Work experience

ThreatQuotient, Senior Scrum Master
November 2015 - Present, Ashburn, VA, United States
I came onto the Threat Quotient team, and they definitely needed a Scrum Master to jump start the team's process. Very quickly I put all the proper Scrum ceremonies in place, and started working with Product to build a Roadmap, as well as some standards in terms of user stories composition. Coordination and cooperation amongst the team is paramount to everything, and this small team of 12 people (engineers, designers, testers, and dev ops) works extremely well together. Some basics in the process had to be implemented. For instance, time boxing every sprint. 2 week sprints were the first piece of process I put in place, as well as standardizing their JIRA tool across all projects. Within 3 months, we've gotten to a regular sprint cycle, as well as starting to release production ready product to customers.

Charter Communications, Scrum Master
March 2015 - November 2015, Greenwood Village, CO, United States
As the Scrum Master for the large Spectrum Guide UI team (16+ developers and 3-4 QA), I'm in charge of all Scrum ceremonies (Daily Scrum, Planning, Retro, Demo, and Grooming), and lead the team in a biweekly Sprint cadence, as well as a weekly Release cadence. Half of the team is located in house, with the other half of the team located in Los Angeles, CA. Many different competing priorities cause a constantly shifting list of priorities that need to be evaluated sometimes on a daily basis. The team has delivered 30 consecutive releases on a weekly basis consistently.

CenturyLink, Scrum Master
June 2014 - December 2014, Denver, CO, United States
Personally responsible for the maintenance and new development of several features of the CPQ platform. Multiple third party organizations were involved in multiple releases throughout my contract. Most developers and testers were located off site or off shore. Coordination of the scrum ceremonies across multiple time zones was crucial to teams success. All scrum ceremonies were executed on a regular two week iteration cadence. In my time at CenturyLink, I also learned how to coordinate and facilitate weekend releases. These releases involved all corners of the business, including but not limited to, QA, Development, Design, Business, Analysts, and third party organizations. I was also instrumental in assisting the CPQ program from transitioning from Component teams to Features teams. This was a large reorganization which shifted all resources to a feature team approach. Namely, putting various skill sets together on a single team, rather than having skill sets silo-ed into their own teams.

J.Hilburn, Product Owner
October 2013 - March 2014, Santa Monica, CA, United States
I work as the Product Owner and Scrum Master for my team of engineers building and maintaining the Style Kit iPad Application.

Dex One Digital, Scrum Master
September 2011 - October 2013, Santa Monica, CA, United States
At Dex One Interactive, I have optimized Agile processes directly for the Mobile Web/Apps, Site and Search teams. Each of these teams have resources located in-house and offshore, are responsible for multiple platforms and applications, large and small scale projects, and Production maintenance. Coaching and advocacy of Agile processes is one of my primary functions while working with Engineering, Product Management, and Quality Assurance. Core Agile best practices were implemented immediately upon hire, including the Daily Scrum, Sprint Planning, Backlog Grooming, Sprint Demo and Sprint Retrospective ceremonies. Adjustments to the Sprint cycle (moved from a three week to a two week Sprint) was necessary for faster and more frequent deployments. Within a year, I have become the resident Agile trainer and coach, reaching out to other departments and advocating for Agile processes. This means travelling to Denver, CO where Dex One's headquarters can be found, coaching Scrum Masters, training Product Owners in requirements gathering and composition, clarifying Agile terminology and methodology, looping in Business Analysts into the process, and frequently training resources on the Rally Project Management tool. I also frequently engage with other departments across Dex One, including, but not limited to: Finance, PMO, Network Operations, Sales, Business Analysts and Marketing. Personally responsible for the delivery of: Dex Mobile Android, iPhone and iPad native applications Certified Product Owner Training for 20 Product Managers Awarded the CEO Award of Merit, Scrum Master
May 2010 - September 2011, Marina Del Rey, CA, United States
At, I played a major role in scaling their eCommerce platform to a modular architecture using XML config files, transitioning and enforcing Agile Scrum practices across multiple teams building ecommerce solutions, enabling and driving 3rd party integrations, and building a data share web service to optimize our data share partnerships. Teams were located onshore in Marina Del Rey, CA, as well as offshore in Hanoi, Vietnam. I am acting Scrum Master for all Sprint ceremonies including the Sprint Review, Planning, and Retrospective. Coordination in the evening time with the Vietnam Team is required on a daily basis for successful software deliveries. 3rd Party Integrations and Feature Set Implementations: - International Shipping with FiftyOne on Good Bite, Steamy Kitchen, Food Network and - Data Share Partnership with Bridge2Solutions (feeding to Citibank and Chase) - Data Share Partnership with Mercent Corporation - Data Share Partnership with eBay - Data Share Partnership with Amazon - Integrated the Continuity Engine on Marley Coffee, Good Bite, Steamy Kitchen Personally responsible for delivery of: - Marley Coffee eCommerce site - Good Bite eCommerce site - Steamy Kitchen eCommerce site


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