Peter Hundermark
Agile Coach at agile42.
Cape Town, South Africa


My focus is on helping leaders to grow their skills and empower their people, recognising that these are the keys to coping with change and achieving lasting organisational agility.

To do this I draw on 40 years of experience in software development, project management and leadership from start-ups to multinationals with the support of many awesome mentors along the way.

I started experimenting with iterative and incremental development methods in 1999, introduced Scrum into a 300-person enterprise in 2006, was accredited as a Certified Scrum Coach (now Certified Enterprise Coach) in 2007, Certified Scrum Trainer in 2008 and Kanban Coaching Professional in 2014.

I co-founded the Scrum User Group of South Africa in 2008 and was chairman until 2010. I led the organising teams for the first Scrum Alliance conference in South Africa in 2009 and the Scrum Alliance Coaching Retreat in 2015.

I established Scrum Sense as an Agile consultancy in 2007. In 2014 we merged with agile42, an international agile consultancy.

I am the author of Do Better Scrum, a small book of tips and insights into how to implement Scrum well, which is published by InfoQ and has been translated into several languages.

I enjoy reading broadly on leadership, learning, change, collaboration, Agile and Lean process improvement.

I volunteer for the Scrum Alliance, working with others to grow and improve their programs.

Outside of work I spend too little time with my family, with friends and with God. I am fortunate to swim in the sea many days of the year. I spend too little time cooking, tasting wine, listening to music, going to the theatre and climbing Table Mountain. I still want to play the organ and practice Aikido.

Work Experience

agile42, Agile Coach
2007-11-01 - Present, Cape Town, , South Africa
Founded Scrum Sense in 2007. Scrum Sense merged with agile42 in 2014.