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Paolo Guccione


I&T Servizi srl

Location: Paris, France

39 348 3302613


Certified ScrumMaster



Paolo Guccione, formerly an entomologist, now a software specialist. But I am still hunting for bugs, in the end.

I have worked as a consultant for the Telco industry for five years and for the Italian government, both the central one and several local administrations, for the following ten.

I have run a small consultancy start-up and been in charge of the Java competence center for a medium sized software producing company. My favorite job in the industry is object oriented software development and UML modeling. I have even worked with the rarest beast of all IT, the Object Database. But I favour Scrum over RUP for process management. Sadly, I have used Scrum much less than I wanted in my career.



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