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Plamen Balkanski


Chief Agile Enthusiast, Agile Catalyst

Location: Poole, UK



Certified ScrumMaster



I believe that there is a better way to develop software and I strive to help everyone who wants to be helped to get there sooner. I believe that through continuous improvement of our self-organizing teams we can produce world class quality products that people simply love to use. 

I come from software development background and I’ve worked in Agile, Scrum and Kanban/Lean environments. I am passionate about Scrum and Agile practices and I love helping teams & individuals achieve their goals.


Articles I've written

The Three-Headed Product Owner
What do you do when your team needs a committed product owner and no one is available? You don't have the resources to hire from outside and the internal candidates are either not perfectly suited to the position or cannot commit their time. Find out how one team solved this by selecting a committed product owner and then adding to his knowledge base with a committee and user proxies, creating a sort of three-headed product owner.

Team Dysfunctions and Scrum
Scrum doesn't cause team dysfunctions, but it certainly exposes the ones you already have. This article explores common problems through example and analysis. Then, it suggests ways to overcome these obstacles so that your Scrum team functions at optimal levels.


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