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Oscar Amelunge Ruiz


Agile Coach, Everis

Location: Lima, Peru


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


Groups I belong to

Scrum Bolivia

Scrum Ecuador


I started using Scrum  2008 working in a organization of 700 employees, which is responsible for supplying water to the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra - Bolivia, in this company, I discovered that Scrum was ideal for managing small software projects which aimed to develop custom software  integrated with business software (ERP & CRM). It was very successful because in this way we add value to business and operating software was delivered frequently and without build large-complex projects to provide such solutions. Seeing this, the CTO asked me to certify as Scrum Master and I began to teach and coach in Scrum to the 5 teams in the software development Department.

Since 2013, I have been working as Scrum Coach at Innovision, an organization dedicated to the development of custom software for of Oil & Gas Industry. I had the opportunity to do Scrum coaching for 4 software development teams in the last two years, which have facilitated not only Scrum and Agile methodologies but also technical knowledge regarding Scrum adoption with complementary tools such as: Pair Programming, Mob Programming, TDD, Continuous Integration and Versioning. In addition to all this, I'm part of the local PMI chapter, where I work as a volunteer to coach Agile Methodologies and Scrum as a complementary skill for project Managers in several fields.

In 2014 I got my CSP obtaining 474/600 or 80% in the certification exam, since then I still learning & growing in my coach path


Work experience

Everis, Agile Coach
April 2016 - Present, Lima, Peru
Agile Coach and consultant for transformation of software development proces in the IT departament of BCP

Regional Scrum Gathering® Bolivia 2014, organizing committee
October 2013 - Present, Santa Cruz, Bolivia, Bolivia
Member of the organizing committee of a two-day conference that aims to attract new and consolidated Agile/Scrum speakers that shares their motivation, expirience and entusiasms with the local community.

Innovision S.A., Scrum Coach
July 2013 - Present, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz

Scrum Master, of Agile Team

SAGUAPAC, Scrum Coach
October 2008 - Present, Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Teach Scrum and Agile courses, Scrum Master and Scrum Coach, for software development teams

Articles I've written

Scrum Daily el Combustible del Equipo
Seguramente la mayoría de nosotros habrá escuchado la primera ley de Newton: "Un objeto en reposo tiende a permanecer en reposo y un objeto en movimiento tiende a permanecer en movimiento, con la misma velocidad y la misma dirección a menos que actué sobre él una fuerza que lo desequilibre."


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