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Natalie Warnert


Agile Transformation Coach, Independent -

Location: Indianapolis


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified ScrumMaster


Natalie Warnert is an industry recognized expert and thought leader in Agile practices based out of Minneapolis, MN. She started her career as a Scrum developer and moved into project management and Agile methodologies through ScrumMastering shortly after. She has used Scrum in both front end and back end software projects. It has been a great method to the madness that can be software development and Natalie has seen first-hand how it can transform teams and make them deliver valuable software, frequently, with high performance and fun. Her Scrum roles have helped her to develop into a better servant leader and have enhanced her coaching, facilitation, and teamwork skills.

Her passion is in coaching teams and implementing Agile frameworks in Fortune 500 organizations such as Target, Travelers Insurance and Best Buy Corp.  Currently, Natalie works as an independent coach and consultant at Salesforce.

Natalie is a frequent speaker at large national Agile conferences as well as more local venues. She has several published articles, interviews, and webinars on Agile topics. Natalie frequently blogs on Agile, and shares her thoughts and ideas on social media outlets. She also is one of the voices behind the #WomenInAgile movement.

Natalie is a CSM and CSP and has her Bachelor of Business Administration in Information Systems from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire, and Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Strategic Management from St. Catherine University. In her free time, Natalie likes to read, snowboard, and play Cribbage.

Articles I've written

Confessions of a New ScrumMaster
So, you just got out of your CSM class, overflowing with your newfound Scrum knowledge and renewed faith in software development practices. You're ecstatic to share your new view of the world and show how Agile can benefit your organization, and y...

Can Companies Be Servant Leaders?
When we refer to servant leadership in Scrum, it is at the team level. A ScrumMaster is the servant leader for the Scrum team. This is all great for the Scrum team, but what about everyone else -- the ScrumMaster included? Who is that person's servant leader? Can companies step in and help fill this role?

What Happened to the Sprint Review?
We focus so much on the other ceremonies that the sprint review is often either quickly glossed over on the way to sprint planning, combined with the sprint retrospective, or simply not done at all. It may be time for a refresher on the sprint review.


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