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Nilesh Naik


Assistant Vice President , CITI Technology

Location: Pune, India


Certified ScrumMaster



Nilesh Naik

I am certified Scrum Master (CSM) with 9+ years of experience in IT Industry. I have great experience in leading and facilitating high performing developement teams with awesome results. In my tenure, I worked on Scrum with BMC Software, Pune and CITI Technology, Pune.

I started my BMC Software tenure as Scrum team member and later got opportunity to work as Scrum master for team Warriors. In my tenure with BMC, I worked closly with teams while conducting Scrum cereminies like Sprint Planning, Backlog refinement, daily scrum, retrospectives. It was real fun on processes like estimation while playing poker. While facilitating Scrum to team, I also coached them on understanding agile and development practices like code reviews,pair programming, test driven development etc. 

In my tenure with CITI, I joind team as Scrum master and Agile Coach. I have responisibility of coaching and facilitating scrum for my 3 teams. In my short tenure at CITI, I was resnsible for leading and coaching very high performing software development teams. I am leading team by advocating, and teaching Agile (scrum) processes, ensuring that the team is always following the framework and looking for opportunities to continuously improve. While working on Enterprise project of large size, I protected team for outside inteferences and removed impediments while workign closly with them. I camewith new idea for retrospectives, physical scrum board to make workign in scrum a real fun. I also worked with Product Owners to refine and maintenence of product backlog. 

As a hard believer of self-organized team, I always consider supporting the team instead of managing them. Inspect and Adapt was key statement of every team members. At the end of each retrospective, team tries to measure improvement and this practice give enormous satisfaction on not only what they are doing but how they are achieving it. From Team member perspective this is a big change from traditional software development model where they started feeling empowered.

Overall it was real fun working with my scrum teams and leading and facilitating them as Scrum as Scrum Master. 

Work experience

CITI Technology, Scrum Master
July 2015 - Present, Pune, Maharashtra
I am currently working at CITI technology, Pune as Scrum master for 3 teams. My day to day responsibilities include conducting scrum ceremonies, lead and protect team as servant leader and coach them on agile.

BMC Software, Scrum Master
August 2009 - July 2015, Pune, india, Maharashtra
I joined BMC software Pune, as Scrum team member and later got opportunity to work as Scrum master. Starting working as Scrum Team member and later taking responsibilities of Scrum master has been great experience for me.


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