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Michael Wolf


Location: Seattle, WA


Certified Scrum Developer
Certified ScrumMaster
Certified Scrum Product Owner


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Michael R Wolf
   -- Career arc as a story spine (from an improv storytelling game)...

ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a curious, adventurous boy who completed his structured education in how to control electrons and computers, then explored Europe before settling into Payroll Account Number 116860 and a home mortgage, somewhere that's green,

AND EVERY DAY at Bell Labs (where Unix was created, and where one patent per day was created) he would apply his new Master's skills and newer control theories to convert specs into bonuses as diligently as he had converted problem sets into Magna Cum Laude,

UNTIL ONE DAY he was required to attend a team building hoo-ha and practice heretical co-working skills that had formerly been violations of The Honor Code,

AND BECAUSE OF THIS he began to question why control theories were not as accurate at controlling people and teams as they were at controlling electrons and computers,

AND BECAUSE OF THIS he tried to control (ahemmm.. manage) people and teams,

AND BECAUSE OF THIS there was another force with equal magnitude in an opposing direction,

AND BECAUSE OF THIS he had the opportunity to explore North America, telling stories about control theories for computers,

AND BECAUSE OF THIS he learned servant leadership as he further explored control theories for people and teams,

AND BECAUSE OF THIS he learned even more about people and teams,

AND BECAUSE OF THIS his home was on the road, where every stop was neatly planned for a poet and some techie fans,

UNTIL FINALLY he found a home in an Emerald City, surrounded by majestic nature and filled with Cultural Creatives[1],

AND EVER SINCE THEN he continues an unstructured education while exploring all kinds of theories (and practices) without having to leave his home.

To be continued...


1) Seattle is
- #1 for technology and hardest working
- #2 for business startups
- #3 for creativity

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Work experience

Change Healthcare, Scrum Master
February 2014 - March 2016, Seattle, WA, United States
I was one of the 5 foundational team members who built the Seattle development office to 20 people in 3 highly performing scrum teams. The Seattle office was, in effect, an incubator and skunk works to test some innovative work practices (e.g. Scrum, cloud, micro-services, and collaborative open space). Our teams became a showcase to the remaining 40 offices in the 7,000 person company. My team members give me credit for creating a culture and practices that allowed self-organizing, highly effective cross-functional teams to emerge.


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