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Marc Watkins


Senior Consultant, RightStar Systems

Location: Falls Church, VA



Certified ScrumMaster



Marc Watkins > Project+ Certified (CompTIA) > Certified SCRUM Master > 18+ years in software development in a variety of roles (Test, Design, Art) working on a variety of platforms (PC, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo, Web, MMO, iPhone, Server, Sound Peripherals, Voting Systems) and product types (games, servers, sound devices, web based products, iphone apps, voting machines) > 12+ years as a Test Manager/Test Lead/Senior Software Test Engineer/Software Test Engineer for numerous companies including Microsoft, Glu Mobile, Nintendo, Nerjyzed Entertainment, SysTest Labs, Flying Lab Software and Humongous Entertainment > 3 years as Creative Director/Lead Game Designer for Annapolis Brainware, involving supervision of design team and performing cross departmental activities > Owned, operated and managed a 2D/3D computer animation business (Excalibur Animation and Graphics) > A+ Certified (CompTIA) > Network+ Certified (CompTIA) > Security+ Certified (CompTIA), Jira/Confluence Administrator

Work experience

RightStar Systems, Senior Consultant
January 2016 - Present, Vienna, VA, United States
Atlassian Specialist, Agile Coach

Grainger (Peterson Technology), Jira Systems Administrator
December 2012 - Present, Chicago, IL, United States
Administer and improve the companies Jira/Greenhopper/BOnfire et al systems

Nerjyzed Entertainment, Test Manager
August 2009 - Present, Baton Rouge, LA, United States
TEST MANAGER (2009 - Present), Nerjyzed Entertainment * Managed all test and test related operations for the company. * Engaged to restructure the internal test department to a professional level; manage all first and third party testing efforts for the company’s multiple simultaneous titles; hire, train and manage the internal test department; act as the representative of the test organization to internal development teams, management and external vendors, publishers and partners. * Acted as the primary point of contact between the Test Department and all other departments whether internal or external, working closely with each department to obtain relevant information required for the efficient testing of the products. * Conceptualized, detailed and generated documentation for the Nerjyzed CEO and Board of Directors detailing the required costs, personnel, security requirements, software and hardware components for the possible establishment of a 3rd party, publisher based testing organization as part of a future business expansion. * Authored all departmental policies, procedures, systems and action forms for the Test Department, researched and recommended software programs for lab use and hardware configurations for all lab systems including researching, implementing and establishing bug tracking database software parameters for a new company wide bug tracking system. * Developed training materials and training program for test team, trained testers and provided oversight of their expanded abilities and responsibilities. * Collected and introduced a broad array of QA related tools for team use, developed documentation for the installation and usage of all of the test tools, and outlined for the SDET the required and requested tools and automation programs for testing company projects. * Developed and authored security sections of US Department of Education grant proposals * Tested iPhone applications > NERJYZED ENTERTAINMENT TITLES (Xbox 360): BCFX – Black College Football: The Xperience – The Doug Williams Edition, Get To Steppin’

Glu Mobile, Global QA Manager
June 2011 - June 2012, San Francisco, CA, United States
Oversaw all production QA for Glu's domestic and international studios. Trained QA staff around the world

SysTest Labs, Test Lead/Voting Security Specialist
February 2008 - January 2009, Denver, CO, United States
GAMES TEST LEAD/SECURITY VOTING SPECIALIST (2008 - 2009) SysTest Labs * Managed all test and test related operations for the Interactive Entertainment department. * Conceptualized, established and organized testing systems to be used by the new Interactive Entertainment department including: authored new departments policies, procedures and action forms, designed physical lab layout, identified required software and hardware components of lab, researched and recommended software programs for lab use and hardware configurations for all lab systems, reviewed and categorized all incoming resumes for IE department, wrote test plans, authored large database of test cases across all possible game platforms, established bug tracking database software parameters. * Assisted the Director with budget estimation of hardware, software, networking and other lab equipment. * Researched and assembled extensive database of contact information for use in marketing to potential clients. * Attended sales meetings with potential clients acting as subject matter expert on software testing, lab configurations, and organizational capabilities. * Trained at SONY as part of SONY FQA training (TRC). * In support of the voting compliance team, worked as a Security Voting Specialist for the New York State Board of Election (NYSBOE) Electronic Voting Certification project writing test cases and procedural step cases based on state and federal regulations and requirements for approval of NYSBOE/NYSTEC and testing electronic voting equipment with a focus on general security (GenSec) testing and certification of ES&S voting systems including: security testing of hardware, software, encryption/cryptography, physical and software forced intrusion testing. * Participated in Premiere Gems Server Study for the State of Ohio, Cuyahoga County (voting server certification) > SYSTEST LABS PROJECTS (Electronic Voting Machines): Designed all functional and operational aspects of the new Interactive Entertainment department, New York State Board of Election (NYSBOE) Electronic Voting Certification (ES&S), Premiere Gems Server Study for State of Ohio County of Cuyahoga

Flying Lab Software, Senior Software Test Engineer
August 2005 - February 2008, Seattle, WA, United States
SENIOR SOFTWARE TEST ENGINEER (2005 - 2008) Flying Lab Software * Conceptualized, established and organized testing system used by test department. * Managed all daily black box testing, assignment of duties and tasks, scheduling of all milestone/sprint test tasks and oversight of team work flow * Responsible for First Line testing for all aspects of title from every department for Pirates of the Burning Sea MMO * Assisted in hiring process of all new testers. Interviewed all prospective employees of test department, including test lead position, with an emphasis on assessing their ability to test. * Trained and supervised all new testers * Compilation and generation of progress reports for Test Lead and status reports for other departments * Wrote and preformed daily BVTs (Build Verification Tests). * Worked closely with the SDETs to conceptualize and run several Test oriented automation programs. * Wrote and supervised running of RVTs (Release Verification Tests). * Wrote all RC (Release Candidate) test passes. * Worked closely with the Test Lead to generate and implement test policies and procedures as well as to solve test and/or personnel related problems. * Acted as a primary point person for Test Department to all departments within Flying Lab to obtain relevant information required by the test department for the establishment of the testing schedule to ensure all areas of product were tested. > FLYING LAB TITLES (PC MMO): Pirates of the Burning Sea

Microsoft (Volt and Excell Data), Software Test Engineer
March 2000 - May 2005, Redmond, WA, United States
SOFTWARE TEST ENGINEER (2000 - 2005) Microsoft (Volt & Excell Data) * In support of Windows 2003 Service Pack 1, Windows XP Pro SP1 x64, Microsoft QFEs and Windows XP N, performed manual and automated testing for the Windows Media Core Services End to End & Setup Test Teams testing media related peripheral devices, licensing, DRM (Digital Rights Management) and Windows Media Server (server side publishing points and stations) against Windows Media Player on Windows 2003 Server, Datacenter, Enterprise, Windows XP Pro x64, and Windows Media Encoder x64 including upgrades from WinNT 4.0 and Win2K in 36 localized languages. * As part of Microsoft Games Studios performed test casing and sole testing responsibility for the UI, Setup, Localization, BOM, Build, Min Config, Compatibility and Performance areas on all major current Windows OS’s (9x and 2K based) for Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots and Rise of Nations (patch & OEM only). * Assisted on an as-needed basis for final testing of Project Gotham Racing 2 & Xbox-Live content packs. * Assisted “Microsoft Games Installation Wrapper” versions 1.5 and 2.0 developers as sole tester * Acted as sole tester for certain internal Microsoft automation tools * Recruited to perform test casing and sole testing responsibilities for the Setup & Performance testing on all major current MS OS’s (Win98 Gold/SE, WinMe, Win2K, WinXP) and to conduct generalized testing, milestone acceptance, demo/Beta, and online patch testing for Microsoft product Impossible Creatures. * In support of the release of Sneakers (US localized version), wrote test cases for and drove testing of the Technical Certification Requirements (TCR), AI, UI, Input, File I/O, System, Game Start/Exit, Persistence, Sound, Emulation, BOM, Tools, PAL testing, and Manual functions. Additionally, wrote comprehensive set of test cases for generalized PAL testing (PAL 50/60) for all future Xbox titles for Microsoft test team located in Ireland. * Assisted in beta testing of Asheron’s Call 2 title. * Performed test casing and sole testing responsibilities for the File I/O, Input, Game Start/Exit, Persistence, Sound, TCR, Emulation, PAL testing, Cameras, Demos & XDK Demo Launcher, International English Verification Testing, demo testing and Competitive Analysis in support of the Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee Project. * Acted as sole tester on Xbox SDK launcher version 1.5 * Recruited to perform test casing and sole testing responsibilities for the Input/hardware controllers, programmer/art and test specific tools, scoring, manual and internal game functions for Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance title. * Shared test casing and testing responsibilities for aspects of the Multiplayer, Localization, and Game Balance/Usability Teams supporting the Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance Project. * Authored/Co-authored test plans for several areas of all of the above projects. > MICROSOFT TITLES (PC/Xbox): Windows Media Player 10, Windows 2003 SP1, Windows XP Pro SP1 x64, Windows Media Encoder x64, Windows XP N, Windows QFEs, Rise of Nations (patches), Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots, Impossible Creatures, Sneakers, Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee, Mechwarrior 4: Vengeance, other internal Microsoft projects.

Annapolis Brainware, Creative Director/Lead Game Designer
February 1996 - August 1999, Pullayup, WA, United States
CREATIVE DIRECTOR/DESIGN LEAD (1996-1999) Annapolis Brainware * Lead team of designers on the Conflict 1947, Conflict 2007, and 1307 A.D. Projects. * Responsible for the creation of the product concept, management of design team, research all historic aspects of the projects, creation and description of the technical specifications for the programmers and artists, oversight of the design and production teams, participated in a leadership function in communication with other department heads, design of AI specifications and title GUI’s, * First phase testing of products to verify adherence to original concepts and design documents. > ANNAPOLIS BRAINWARE TITLES (PC/Internet): 1307 A.D., Conflict 2007, Conflict 1947

Excalibur Animation and Graphics, Owner/2D-3D Animator
December 1994 - February 1996, Seattle, WA, United States
ANIMATOR/OWNER (1994-1996) Excalibur Animation & Graphics * Imagined, conceptualized, and created 3D animation scenes utilizing 3DMax (R3 & R4), 3D StudioMax, Photoshop, Lightwave, Animation Studio, and other animation and sound software. * Created and maintained budgets, negotiated work contracts with companies, hired and supervised employees, managed day to day operations of business.


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