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Miklos Vargyas


Scrum Master, Agile coach, ChemAxon Ltd.

Location: Budapest



Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Agile Alliance Hungary


Miklós Vargyas has over 15 years experience in the field of scientific computing specializing in cheminformatics and computational chemistry.

He joined ChemAxon, a leader in providing chemical software development platforms for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, in 2002 where he had held the position of Chief Scientific Officer for almost 10 years. He managed various software development projects, some of which involved multinational collaboration of both academia and the pharmaceutical industry.

He received his PhD degree at the University of Leeds in the Institute for Computer Applications in Molecular Sciences. He holds masters degree in Mathematics and in Computer Science.

Among his scientific research results the application of interval analysis in solving computational chemistry problems and the chemical clustering based on direct structural comparison of molecular graphs have to be mentioned.

In 2010, when Miklos read the first blog about scrum and agile software development, his interest took a 180 degrees turn and he left the field of chemoinformatics research, took his CSO hat off and headed towards new challanges in a new role as scrum master. Since then he has enjoyed working with a great team of excellent software developers and chemistry experts. 


Work experience

ChemAxon Ltd., Scrum Master
November 2010 - Present, Budapest, Hungary
I started my agile team leader role in November 2010, few weeks after I took my CSM exam. That was a small, co-located team of dedicated and very knowledgable developers who adopted many agile principles and the scrum framework with exceptional hunger. We enjoyed the work together and slowly attracted others, the team grew. Then two teams were merged and we ended up being 12. This large team was then split (after some serious storming) and now a smaller team of 7 is heading towards that "high performance" that I know is not just fairy tale. In the past few months I started coaching of agile teams within the company and I am very open to mentor fellow scrum masters who often ask my opinion about their interesting cases.

ChemAxon Ltd, CSO
June 2002 - October 2010, Budapest, Hungary
Applied research and software development in chemoinformatics, it was fun and rewarding. New challenges and new role: I have been practicing as scrum master since October 2010. I played key role in initiating the agile transition and adoption of the company. I have been doing some team coaching recently, while working with the same team for over 2 years.


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