Marek Kirejczyk
VP of engineering at DaftCode.
Warsaw, Poland


Marek Kirejczyk started his work with Scrum in 2007 as a software developer in C++. He soon founded his first company - an agile software house called Aenima. In 2012 become a co-owner and a CTO of El Passion and turn this company to Agile. Today as a shareholder he is still advising in El Passion. In 2014 Marek joined Daftcode as a VP of engineering and lead agile transformation in hypergrowing company helping organise a group of 200 people. Scrum (and in general Agile & Lean) was his main tool along the way. Marek is not only Scrum user, but also agile activist: founder, animator and a speaker at AgileWarsaw. AgileWarsaw became the oldest active and the biggest Agile community in Poland with over 1300 members today. Marek is also an occasional conference speaker. Recently Marek done a lot of work related to pair programming and lean startup.