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Miles Jordan


Delivery Lead, REA Group

Location: Melbourne, Australia


Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Scrum Tasmania


Mr. Miles JG Jordan

I began developing software as a teenager, quickly latching onto languages that were easy to learn, such as Basic and Pascal. I then started developing Visual Basic during high school, and while working on the help desk I created some products that were used across my school for things like managing Windows NT profiles and IRC. Having discovered a passion for software development, I began a popular monthly training course on Visual Basic for other students.

After high school I started developing web sites and other software products, and worked at Musica Viva in Sydney as an IT coordinator before travelling for a year. I then enrolled into a Bachelor of Computing with UTAS.

Having completed my bachelors degree, I continued software consulting and was then offered a 6 month contract with the Australian Antarctic Division. Various contracts and positions at the AAD later, I began managing the systems and processes put in place to develop software.

Starting with almost no methodology and projects that were consistently running over time and built to less than desired standards, I embarked on a quest to introduce agile practices to the Division.

I established a software development community of practice, which included one off-site retreat per year for software developers and anyone else that felt like they should come along. The community of practice formed the first group with which to establish an agile methodology.

I did some research and engaged a well-known software development training firm to deliver a total of four weeks worth of training in Scrum and other agile practices. It was a hit with just about everyone, and various teams became more and more agile as the months and years went on.

I became passionate about delivering value in software.

Work experience

REA Group, Delivery Lead
May 2014 - Present, Richmond, VIC, AU
Delivery lead at REA Group, focusing on delivering consumer value and team coaching.

Australian Antarctic Division, Software Development Manager
February 2006 - December 2013, Kingston, TAS, Australia
My Role at the Australian Antarctic Division was to manage the software development within the Australian Antarctic Data Centre. I performed many management duties such as recruiting, budgeting, reporting, and developing policies. Regarding the development of software, I was semi hands-on, and would perform the roles or Scrum Master and Team Member at various stages. I promoted agile principals throughout the division, through a community of practice that I established, which reached as far as the University of Tasmania. When I joined the AAD there was no software development methodology to speak of. Needless to say that once Scrum was introduced the software became excellent quality and was produced with no nasty surprises.


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