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Mike Gagg



Certified ScrumMaster



Mike Gagg


- Configuration & Change Management

- Software Development Process

- Software Development Tools

- Software Development Management


Over the passed 15 years have developed a knowledge of Development environments, processes and tools spanning Mainframe and Client Server infrastructure.

Introduced to Agile & Scrum on an imbeded SW development at a global communications company. Helped the development teams transition from Waterfall to Agile and developed the tools and processes to enable the global teams to work using Scrum and Agile techniques.

Became Certified Scrum Master in February 2008 and am working with a major Financial software house transitioning the development teams to Agile, using Scrum techniques.

Key responsibilities are to work with the teams closeley, identify their infrastructure/tools issues and help design and implement solutions to enable them to work faster and better.


As I am not a developer, my main reasons for embracing Agile are the Team work and Openess of the Communication between Developers, Project Managers and Customers


I am a BIG fan


The main goals for both these transition projects was to improve Quality and Project status reporting


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