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Michael Collier
App Developer III at Commerce Bank.
Kansas City, Mo


Michael Collier
Moving toward a more Agile world, removing one impediment at a time.

Michael Collier has been a lifelong resident of the Kansas City area though he has traveled extensively in the US for both work and pleasure. His tenure of almost 20 years as a software developer has spanned many different industries. Currently he is a Scrum Coach and Developer at Commerce Bank of Kansas City.


He has been a volunteer with the Scrum Alliance on the Gathering review teams as a reviewer and ScrumMaster since 2013. Working with many talented volunteers reviewing presentation abstracts to provide quality Global Scrum Gatherings for the Scrum Alliance.

  • Las Vegas - 2013

  • New Orleans - 2014

  • Berlin - 2014

  • Phoenix - 2015

  • Shanghai - 2015

  • Prague - 2015

  • Orlando Co-ScrumMaster - 2016

  • Bengaluru - 2016

  • Munich - 2016

  • San Diego - 2017

  • Singapore Co-ScrumMaster - 2017

  • Minneapolis - NAGT member - 2018

  • Austin - NAGT member - 2019

Michael currently holds the CSM, CSP, CSPO and CSD certifications.


Current under takings include:

  • Working with internal groups training TDD -- BDD -- ATDD

    • How we can build our tests to reflect users’ needs by using the Given-when-then method.

  • Coaching teams to deliver value to the Product Owner



In his off time he enjoys entertaining as a member of an internationally known pirate themed musical comedy group.

Work Experience

Commerce Bank, Software Developer/Scrum Master
2007-02-20 - Present, Kansas City, Missouri, United States

From Feb 2010- Present:

Assisting in training internal teams Agile methods. Proper Unit test construction. Tying customer behaviours acceptance tests and unit tests

From Feb 2007- June 2010:

I worked primarily as a software developer updating legacy code to the .net framework using traditional waterfall techniques.

June 2010 - Aug 2010:

Scrum team member developing in C# for the on line banking team. Using many Agile principals including attending daily stand-ups, working with the PO to clarify requirements before Sprint Planning as well as tracking daily progress using ScrumWorks to track burndown.

Aug 2010 - Dec 2010:

Scrum Master for new Online Banking project with multi-member team working with an outside vendor as well as in house developers on the upgrade of the existing security log in processes. Working as SCRUM master I setup the daily stand-ups, sprint planning, retrospectives, managed the burndown of the teams efforts and remove impediments as needed to help keep the many projects on time and deliver value and finished code with each Sprint.

Jan 2011 - Dec 2011:

Assisted with multiple projects within the bank in various roles including scrum developer and scrum master. My responsibility for this time period were similar as above trying to build my knowledge of Agile development fine tuning the team to help deliver better code with fewer setbacks.

Dec 2011 - present:

I attended formal training for and achieved CSM December 2011. I have continued working with the Online Banking group in a CSM capacity. I am currently working with a Focus on Agile group within the Bank to spread the usage of Agile within the company.