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Basavaraju Kidiyappa


Program Director - Delivery, Ness Technologies

Location: Bangalore


Certified ScrumMaster



I have been working in the industry since 1996. Over this time I have made a conscious effort to development a large set of soft skills that make me an excellent facilitator and supporter of project teams of all the verticals in software engineering. I am focused on project management and working with and for highly motivated, self organized teams. I was exposed to JIT, Kanban, Lean manufacturing in the first few years of manufacturing industry exposure and now agile framework helps brings all those benefit to Core IT industry and I love being part of it.

Transitioning project teams to agile is some work. I haven seen myself transitioning from waterfall framework to agile and all the benefits gained after a successful transition. Heavy documentation to need basis documentation, numerous dependency to self organized culture, 10% automation to 90% automation and mainly quarterly releases to weekly releases etc. A proper a vision in the leadership and determination is a must when a project team decides to transition. Training is essential for team to understand why the transition and the basics of how. With a Product owner, Scrum Master, Team along with proper collaboration tools and facilities for frequent and faster feedback to occur, with this platform set trying step by step transition will bring team to a better state within first few weeks. In this storming phase, s Scrum Master plays critical role as a coach helping team to be focused and shielding team from external disturbances and facilitating faster feedbacks. I have played that role of being the change element and learned my skills to be the "Servant Leader".

I have an exceptional organizational capability, paying attention to detail and planning whilst keeping the overall picture in mind. With a large array of technical skills and excellent co-ordination and organizational skills helped me to be involved and steer the teams towards success with high sense of achievement and quality deliverables.



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