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Marcela Barrera Sánchez



Location: Medellín


Certified Scrum Professional
Certified Scrum Developer
Registered Education Provider



Marcela Barrera is an IT Engineer that specializes in Project Management, and during her 22 years of work experience she has occupied roles such as IT developer, Quality Analyst, Project Manager, Scrum Master, Co-Trainer and currently a Coach in Ceiba Software.

In the last 6 years she has accompanied teams and companies in the evolution towards a more efficient framework, in companies within diverse sectors such as: insurance, transportation, finances and direct sales. During those 6 years she has facilitated the professional growth within the teams, based on tools and frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, Retrospective, Impact mapping, bringing together work teams, Agile Inception, User Story, Prioritization Techniques, amongst others.

Her likes are very diverse and they include watching TV series, going to the movies, working out, having a good glass of wine or cup of coffee and spending time with her family, being this last one the most important one because she enjoys it the most and allows her to relax.

Work experience

Ceiba Software house, Agile Coach
September 2006 - Present, Medellin, CO
In Ceiba I have been working for the last 11 years with the following tasks: 1. Project Manager: The tasks that I performed were following up on the time schedules, costs and range, validating and analyzing areas of change, invoices and meeting with the clients. 2. Quality Control Manager: The tasks that I performed were creating and maintaining quality control procedures, manage the quality analysts by assigning them projects, revising metrics, time reports, and types of tests developed. 3. Scrum Master: I was in charge of the continuous improvement within teams, technical excellence, eliminating obstacles, facilitating meetings, providing assistance to the owner of the User History product and scheduling any necessary training sessions for the team. 4. Agile Coach: I am currently in this role and the tasks that I perform are guiding companies to transition into efficient frameworks, perform training sessions in Kanban, Scrum, Retrospective, Impact Map, Inception and user story map as well as being a team coach.

Alcuadrado, Gerente de Proyectos
August 1997 - September 2006, Medellin, Medellin, CO
I worked here during 9 years and my job functions included: 1. Developing Engineer: The tasks that I had to manage were to analyze and build custom software for my corporate client needs. 2. Project Manager: The tasks were to follow up on the budget and range of the project, meet with clients, define changes to be made and generate invoices. In both cases my framework was traditional.


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