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Harry Zhang


Senior Developer, Insigma US

Location: Hangzhou



Certified Scrum Developer
Certified ScrumMaster


Groups I belong to

Scrum Hangzhou


With 10 years of experience as a software developer and 2 years as a project leader, Mr. Zhang has participated on teams doing analysis, design, development, implementations, enhancements, testing and leading the team doing applications in these areas: Retail, Government, Electricity, Construction, B2B E-Commerce, Real Estate and Medicine.

In the current company, we use agile methodology to implement our scrum for all the projects. we use estimation poker do the estimation, we use JIRA to set the project backlog, sometimes we use TFS to keep the work items.

We always have daily stand up meeting and retrospective meeting for each sprint and we can use JIRA to generate the burn down chart. We have the code review before the code has been checked in.




Work experience

Insigma US, Senior Developer
March 2015 - Present, HZ, ZJ
Worked as a scrum team member.

February 2017 - October 2019, HZ, zhejiang, CN
Worked as a scrum team member.

Perficient, ScrumMaster
April 2010 - February 2015, Hangzhou, Zhejiang
I work with the Team to help the Team in becoming fully functional, productive and self-organizing and ensure things happen and any impediments are removed to optimize the conditions for team velocity. I also guide and coach the Team to self-organize to meet its Sprint goal, so that it performs to its potential. At the same time  I coach the Product Owner so that the Team members feels they have the support and confidence of the Product Owner behind them.I do everything in my power to remove impediments and obstacles that prevent the Team from achieving its Sprint goal. and I ensure that Scrum is followed by the Team, the Product Owner and by the concerned people around the Team. I work with the Product Owner to help he/her maintain and order the Product Backlog. and I work with the stakeholders to help them understand and enact Scrum and Agile product management.Agile and Scrum strongly encourage collocated Teams. Tensions tend to arise even from mundane day to day activities. Conflicts arise in time-boxed Sprint Planning, Review and Retrospective meetings where plans and issues are discussed and ideas are brainstormed.I work with the Team to resolve conflicts or seeks external help where necessary.

Perficient, Team member
March 2008 - March 2010, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Lead team to do the requirements analysis,the development work as well as the testing and deployment tasks. Help clients to build the technology solutions of their system.

For project we want to deliver the high-quality and high-value software.

We use JIRA to manage our projects requirement, plan, product backlog, sprint backlog, bugs. this tool can be used to generated burn down chart.

For each project we have DEV/TEST Server used for the continue integration, we use Hudson as a tool to do the daily build, we can set the build time for example, we can set build when there is a code checked in, and it will automatically send email to the build master or the team member if it is build failed.

Our software development team has a stack of prioritized and estimated work items, each sprint we will implement the highest-priority work items and we have plan and do estimation for all the work items by the whole team. if the requirement changes ,we will put the new work item to the stack of the work items and set the priority to it.


In our daily scrum ,we have stand up meeting every day, team will discuss what we did today, what we will do tomorrow and what issue we met today. After each sprint, we have retrospective review meeting, team will summarize what we did great, what we need improve and action items for the improvement and who is responsible for.

Hangzhou DeChanglong , Developer
April 2006 - March 2008, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China


Led the Electrical Supervisory Management System project, Managed development team and client resources.



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