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Lars Vilhelmsen


Game Professional

Location: Copenhagen


Certified ScrumMaster



I have been working professionally with games and interactive fictions since 2000. As a teenager, years earlier, I got more and more into writing, redesigning, tweaking roleplaying and boardgames and thought about working as a game designer. Seemed a pipe dream at the time.

Denmark didn’t have an education focusing on games, when I started studying at the university, so I chose to study litterature and philosophy, where I could ficus on how a good story is crafted, what fiction is and how a game can tell a good story. Ended up with an MA in Danish Language and Litterature for a thesis on the game Max Payne and interactive fictions. Bonus levels: Got to read grand litterature all the while studying and had time to dabble in game design. Designing games and working with fictions at a practical level, would yield a lot of insights into the theories I studied and the reader/player experience on a practical level.

Through a random encounter I got a job while studying in the small company Sjuzet in 2000. Wrote interactive fictions and fiction for recruitment. That made it seem possible to work with games/fiction after all, so after Sjuzet I wrote and published a storytelling method for schools.

Later came the learning game ‘Homicide’, working as a consultant teaching with roleplaying methods and similar jobs disrupting my studies, but in the end I got the degree and went on to work for Learning Lab Denmark as Game Director/Designer on several small and experimental learning games. These and following projects allowed me to hone the skills of game development and production that I had started building when making games just for fun. After that, Danish Broadcasting Corporation hired me to remake and gamify their teen chatworld Hundeparken and produce/direct the MMO-game Saga – Viking Online. Both huge projects and great challenges.

I still play as many boardgames, computer games and roleplaying games as possible, though 16-year-old Lars seemed to have had a lot more time for that. I love games as medium and activity, whether as a player or as a professional.

My Linkedin profile for more details on my past as a game professional:


Work experience

Freelancing (on/off),
July 2000 - Present, Copenhagen, Denmark
Game design, production, consulting, lectures, pro bono. In between and sometimes while producing larger projects. Since 2001, but in drips of activity.

Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Project lead, Game Director
September 2007 - January 2013, Copenhagen, Denmark
Directed and produced the largest games this broadcaster has ever created. One remake of a large chatworld, on MMO-game, a few other small games and some other tools, interactive projects, etc.

Danish University of Education / Learning Lab Denmark, Proj. Manager, Game Designer
March 2004 - August 2007, Copenhagen, Denmark
Conceptualizing, producing, developing learning games. Managing small dev teams and developing game. Started as a freelancer, but eventually hired full time.


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